Twitter Hammers Nail in Coffin for

first_imgRelated Posts A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The list of URL shorteners just got shorter.According to a blog post by Nambu, the company is shutting its doors on URL shortening tool, After a number of attempts to sell the service, no companies in the Twitter space stepped forward to purchase and operate it in its existing form. Says the company, “There is no way for us to monetize URL shortening — users won’t pay for it — and we just can’t justify further development since Twitter has all but annointed the market winner.” In addition to a number of general URL shorteners such as and TinyURL, was also competing against site-specific services like StumbleUpon’s and music URL shortener TinySong. The company’s Twitter statistics (as with all URL shortening services) are used to determine and aggregate Twitter trends by Tweetmeme; however, as of today, according to the company these statistics “can no longer be considered reliable, or reliably available going forward.” links will continue to redirect until at least December 31, 2009. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#twitter#web The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos dana oshirolast_img read more

City of Portland, Oregon Officially Backs Open, Structured Data

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#news#NYT#web marshall kirkpatrick Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting The City Council of Portland, Oregon unanimously approved a resolution today that directs the city government to open data to outside developers and encourages adoption of open source solutions in technology procurement. Like the creation of railroads and highways fostered economic development in the past, giving software developers access to a landscape of municipal data could be the beginning of a foundation for a new era of innovation.“This [resolution] will increase efficiency in local government… democratize public data itself… and it will foster innovation among Portland’s world class software community,” said Skip Newberry with the Mayor’s Office in his testimony according to a report on the local tech blog Silicon Florist. The full text of the resolution has been posted as text (from a PDF) on the same blog.Portland joins San Francisco, Chicago and Vancouver, British Columbia as cities with major initiatives to offer municipal data in formats that will enable independent developers to build new applications leveraging that data. Making municipal data openly available for developers could be the contemporary economic equivalent of paving roads and installing electricity that can be used to open new businesses and better serve the people living in that city. Portland, Oregon isn’t new to tech innovation, of course. It’s a place where the city bus system has its own app store, it’s home to red-hot mobile development shops like Small Society (built iPhone apps for Starbucks, WholeFoods etc.) and Urban Airship (iPhone push infrastructure) and it’s the home of Linux creator Linus Torvalds, wiki inventor Ward Cunningham and one third of the staff of ReadWriteWeb – amongst other geekery.What could come next? How about more cities getting on board, a national or international standard for municipal data and delivery of that data in real time? One Prefecture in Japan has announced that it will promote the mobile Augmented Reality app Sekai Camera to display historical data about locations in the area. Seeing individual cities move in this direction is a great start.What US city will move in favor of open source and open, structured data next? Seattle? New York? Someplace in the Mid West? Place your bets now as these are unlikely to be isolated developments.Photo: “Max” Creative Commons by Stu Seeger.center_img Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

How I Saved Veronica Mars And Destroyed The Movie Industry

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting The Web, social media, online payment services — and the always-on connectivity our smartphones provide us — are enabling an entirely new form of financing. These technologies are a;sp enabling anyone to pursue their creative vision or build a better mousetrap by appealing not to a skeptical venture capitalis or a cynical producer, but to regular people who may share a similar passion or interest. The technologies we have in our pockets are simultaneously empowering us to both create our visions and fund those whose visions.A Funding Platform for Creative ProjectsFor the Veronica Mars project on Kickstarter, fans could pledge from $10 to more than $10,000, with various goodies offered at each level. For $10, the “backer” receives a PDF of the shooting script on the day of the movie’s release. For $10,000, a speaking role was offered.Of course, Veronica Mars is a project with a built-in core of fans. Not all crowdsourced projects have that kind of juice to get to their funding goals.But here’s how it might work: A budding young filmmaker uses her smartphone to record a two-minute ‘pitch’ that she uploads to YouTube. Enough people react positively that she makes a Kickstarter project — seeking, for example, $1 million to make her movie and another $1 million to help market it. Not easy, but it might just work — even for people who would otherwise have no shot at raising that kind of money.. Crowdfunding, cloud services and mobile devices are remaking filmmaking and film financing. But let’s not stop at funding Veronica Mars. The audience still doesn’t have an financial stake in the creative endeavors we support. What if Veronica Mars turns out to be a blockbuster? Shouldn’t I get a piece of those profits? After all, I was an early financial backer. It’s not like I’m asking to be onstage at the Oscars with Rob Thomas. Although….Images from Veronica Mars Kickstarter project video. How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Related Posts Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo… Veronica Mars, the critically acclaimed, little-watched television show from the mid-2000s was dead, buried — and nearly forgotten.I saved it. With my iPhone.I downloaded the Kickstarter funding app from the App Store. With a swipe of a finger, and my mobile Amazon Account, I pledged $10 to help the producer finance a  movie based on the show. On Twitter, I told all my followers to do the same. Then, with a quick status update to my Facebook page, I encouraged my family and friends to do likewise — and to tell everyone they knew to follow suit. All told, it took less than five minutes, and now one of the best network TV series of the past ten years will live again, this time on the big screen. The new Veronica Mars movie has been greenlighted, its financing secured, the star — the lovely and talented Kristen Bell — is signed. Nothing to do now but type out a script. I should at least garner a “producer” credit. The Motion Picture Academy is welcome to thank me at next year’s Oscar ceremony. On second thought, maybe the Academy should fear me. For I did not merely save Veronica Mars, I am leading the charge to destroy the entire film industry as we know it. My weapons? The technology I carry around with with me everyday. A smartphone, an app, cloud services, crowdfunding, social media and online payments. Explosions In The Film IndustryThe total gross film receipts in the U.S. last year were just under $11 billion. The average box-office take of a Hollywood film was a middling $16.5 million. This does not include international box office receipts, DVD sales, streaming or network television. The world consumes massive quantities of entertainment. Yes, we have a choice in what we watch and when and where but almost no choice, no direct say whatsoever, in what actually gets made, or by whom. This has always been the case — until now. Despite its near-universal appeal, there may be no industry that’s more insular, more inexplicable to the very public it appeals to than the film industry. Technology is changing all of this, exploding the industry outward and, finally, fully empowering those who buy the tickets. Yes, technology has radically impacted the industry itself — think amazing special effects, 3D, green screens, post-production wizardry. We can now download or stream our favorite films and TV series to watch them anywhere at any time — legally or otherwise. But until now, we were effectively powerless in what got made.No longer. Veronica Mars will likely be only among the first of many multi-million-dollar Hollywood flicks that are produced solely because of the efforts of individuals scattered around the world, pledging anywhere from $1 and $10,000, and sharing their enthusiasm on social media. The crowd is no longer simply marketed to, but is now driving what gets made from the start. CrowdfundingWikipedia defines crowdfunding as “the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.” Rob Thomas, the creator of the original Veronica Mars series, spent years attempting to turn his creation into a film. Until he turned to the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, he failed every time. From The New York Times:In its three seasons on the air “Veronica Mars” was never even one of television’s Top 100 most-watched series, but in its afterlife it has broken new ground. On Wednesday night fans and supporters of that show about a wisecracking young sleuth (played by Kristen Bell) pledged more than $2 million to produce a “Veronica Mars” movie, less than 12 hours after the fund-raising drive was announced on Kickstarter.Mr. Thomas told fans they had 30 days to raise $2 million for “our shot” at producing a film, adding, “I believe it’s the only one we’ve got.” And by about 9 p.m. that goal was met, with pledges continuing to come in on Day 2.   brian s hall Tags:#cloud#Crowd Funding#crowdsourcing#film#iPhone#Mobile Payments last_img read more

Marshall Islands Court Denies Frontlines DHT Injunction

first_imgzoom The High Court of the Marshall Islands has denied Frontline’s request for a preliminary injunction relating to the vessel acquisition agreement between DHT Holdings and BW Group Limited.On June 7, 2017, the court rejected Frontline’s arguments and issued an order denying the company’s motion for a preliminary injunction, according to the information provided by DHT Holdings.The court cited Frontline’s failure “to demonstrate a probability of success on the merits of its claims.”In particular, the court noted that the acquisition of BW’s fleet fell within the sound discretion of the DHT board of directors’ business judgment, and that Frontline “has no likelihood of success” on any challenge to the rights plan implemented by the DHT Board, as the rights plan was a reasonable response to Frontline’s actions.Both the High Court of the Marshall Islands and the Supreme Court of the State of New York have now rejected Frontline’s attempt to interfere with DHT’s acquisition of BW’s fleet.last_img read more

Prince Charles Is Joined By Duke And Duchess Of Sussex For 70th

first_imgThe Prince of Wales hosted a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the work of his Charities and Military Associations.Prince Of Wales 70th Birthday Patronage CelebrationCredit/Copyright: Royal.ukHis Royal Highness, accompanied by The Duchess of Cornwall, met a number of the 6,000 people who were invited from 386 of his Patronages and 20 of his Military Associations. A number of guests from the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue, and RNLI also attended.The Prince of Wales is also Patron or President of over 420 charities. The oldest patronage being the Bath Preservation Trust, which The Prince has been Patron of since 1973.See the full list of The Prince’s Patronages.The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the celebration of The Prince’s Charitable work, with The Duke giving a speech:“You have inspired William and I, and looking out here today, it is clear to see that we are not alone. You have created an incredible body of work that has, and will continue to make such a huge difference to so many people’s lives.”For over 40 years His Royal Highness has been a leader in identifying charitable need and setting up and driving forward charities to meet it.The Prince of Wales carries out hundreds of engagements every year in support of both his, and others’, charities. Collectively The Prince of Wales’s charities raised more than £120 million annually to support The Prince of Wales’s charitable work in the UK and overseas.100 Cadets from Youth United helped with the day’s events. In 2009, passionate about youth social action and uniformed youth, His Royal Highness brought together heads of the Nation’s leading uniformed youth groups to form the first collaborative network for uniformed youth.A number of the cadets and emergency services personnel attending were first responders after the bombing at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited Manchester Arena on 26th June 2017 to meet staff who were first on the scene immediately after the bombing.Source:Royal.uklast_img read more

Manitoba friendship centre association hoping to rebuild vandalized office in Winnipeg

first_imgBrittany HobsonAPTN NewsThe Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres (MAC) said it’s working with community members to help establish a new friendship centre, even if a new location has to be found, after vandals destroyed the current location.“We’re committed to there being a friendship centre in Winnipeg. We’re committed to assisting in the process of development or transition for that friendship centre and we’re committed to making sure that the services that are necessary are being provided to the Indigenous community in Winnipeg,” said MAC president David Gray via phone Monday.“Winnipeg has the largest Indigenous community in Canada. It is unacceptable for it not to have a friendship centre that is functioning.”The Indian and Metis Friendship Centre was founded in 1968 but was shut down last year after controversy with its board of directors.In 2017, a new board of directors led by Norman Lagimodiere took over the centre. Lagimodiere and members on the board claim to be part of the American Indian Movement (AIM), a claim that was refuted by U.S AIM leader Clyde Bellecourt.But the national and provincial friendship centre associations cut ties to the centre.The centre was shut down last summer after losing it’s provincial gaming license.James Favel, executive director for Bear Clan Patrol Inc., was working with the community to reopen the centre with a new board.Patrol members discovered extensive damage to the centre during one of their patrols.“That was a huge resource to our community. It was well-loved and used by many people in our community,” said Favel. “The social hall, the bingo hall, food bank, programming for youth, kookums had a sewing club…and it’s all destroyed now.”A meeting is taking place in Winnipeg at the beginning of March with MAC to determine a plan for a new centre.Favel believes there is too much damage done to the North End building to salvage it.Toilets were ripped off the walls, copper wire was stripped throughout, there was water damage from burst pipes and some of the walls had holes in them.“We’re going to have a conversation…with a group of locals here to see if we can’t re-establish the friendship centre somewhere else.”Gray hopes working with a new board of directors will get a new centre open by 2020.“We have to have certain fundamental pieces that show governance, community support, programming and financial accountability, which are the four cornerstones of all the centres in Manitoba,” he [email protected]@bhobs22last_img read more