Love Shanghai promotion reduce promotion costs over 3 times

although each industry PPC keyword prices ranging from several to hundreds of Yuan Mao, but after love Shanghai to reduce the number of promotion, the price of keywords generally floating there, some rose up to 350%.


love Shanghai monologue: "anyway, I should make it less… You free…"

do the bidding in the education and training industry Commissioner Han Bing (a pseudonym) said: "the promotion was reduced after we had a core keyword prices may 50~60 yuan to the first row in the home, the recent bid has risen to more than 120 (yuan). More than doubled." Another auction Commissioner Long Jun (a pseudonym) lamented: "the original 16 (yuan) words, now 26 (yuan) no position." read more

Outside the chain correlation effectively improve website weight

three, contribute the way, a lot of people are afraid of, because the sense of his literary talent is not good, not write a good article, but I found that after some tests, the industry contribution website still exists, but less of their website source, if you are original, or is part of the copy article, issued to they are usually given by the website, and the weights are not low. (the same industry chain, the effect is good, but there is a possibility of the acquisition of

) )

chain how to find, there are many ways, but no one can persist, often persist, high quality content will appear, of course we hope to be able to quickly improve website ranking effect, but every time they adhere to the half, but can not see the future the results of how to give up. read more

Love Shanghai 14 days inside pages included twists and turns

! A space!

from 2000 to enter the personal webmaster of the seemingly unlimited scenery in the industry by 2006 had to leave, as a 36 year old middle-aged man, my heart has unwilling! So, establishment of knowledge, knowledge of Shanghai dragon…… I was in a bit of information in the key column.

error three, garbage outside the chain of

in the site before, I read many articles, it is said that the CN domain name for a variety of reasons it is difficult to collect, so buy the nets of贵族宝贝 domain, 39 yuan, very cheap! In the space, I made! Because as everyone knows why I considered and decided to buy a Hongkong space. Online shopping habits drive, I went to the Taobao search, Hongkong host, found really cheap, the top three are no more than 50 yuan, cheap, really cheap! An impulse to buy a 49 yuan / year! DNS, upload procedures, extract the installation, but no problem! Third days, found the problem, the 23 points at home 8 megabytes of broadband WIFI signal under the full two hours actually not even the host! Second days and occasionally even up sharing network in the unit 4G, most of the time is unable to connect to the server, looking for the store, the store does not bird me, looking for space service the customer does not reply! Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools 404 error one day actually appeared more than a dozen! Tangled tangled! Fourth days in the west to purchase digital space, new domain name read more

Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization and the details of the work are inseparable

for cosmetic photography network promotion operations a year and a half to make me understand that "do Shanghai Longfeng optimization and the details of the work are inseparable, the following is Xiaobian I am doing make-up photography network promotion summarized some experience, hope to share with you the webmaster, learning.

then I slowly noticed to make the site rankings better, you have to start from the details of the work, including daily editor to release the soft, soft, and then released in the soft, the anchor text to add the relevant keywords, and outside the station optimization and promotion, so that I work in Shanghai Dragon the intention to do, try to make the website rankings better, the only way to get more students from the network. read more

On the optimization of the hazard of noble baby 1 cheating

㱰㸠㰯瀾਼瀾‼⽰㸊㱰㸠♮扳瀻‼⽰㸊㱰㸠捯湴牡獴Ⱐ湯扬攠扡批‫ㄠ楳湥映瑨攠湥眠晥慴畲敳映瑨攠獥慲捨⸠䡯睥癥爬⁩琠桡猠慬牥慤礠扥杵渠楮⁡⁢楧⁩浰慣琠潮⁴桥⁳敡牣栮⁔桡琠楳⁴桥⁥晦散琠潦⁳潣楡氠獩杮慬猠景爠瑨攠獥慲捨⁲敳畬瑳⸠䉥捡畳攠瑨楳慹敲⁩湴敲敳瑳Ⱐ獡摬礠獯浥灴業楺慴楯渠灥牳潮湥氠睩汬⁢敧楮⁴漠浯癥⁣牯潫敤⁢牡楮猠湯扩汩瑹⁢慢礠⬱⸠㰯瀾਼瀾⁲散敮瑬礠灲潶楤敤潢楬楴礠扡批‫ㄠ桩瑳⁦潲⁹潵爠睥戠獩瑥⁳畣栠慳⁥浥牧攠汩步⁢慭扯漠獨潯瑳⁡晴敲⁡⁳灲楮朠牡楮⸠䅳潮朠慳⁹潵⁰慹⁡⁦敥⁣慮慫攠祯畲⁳楴攠慣捥獳⁴漠瑨潵獡湤猠潦⁤潬污牳映摩晦敲敮琠湯扬攠扡批‫ㄠ扵瑴潮⁣汩捫⁲慴攠晲潭‵〮⁉渠瑨攠潰瑩浩穡瑩潮映瑨攠楮摵獴特Ⱐ睥⁣慬氠楴⁡猠捨敡瑩湧Ⱐ景爠扬慣欠桡琮‼⽰㸊㱰㸠慬瑨潵杨⁴桩猠瑡捴楣慹⁢攠瑥浰瑩湧Ⱐ敶敮⁣慮⁰牯癩摥⁳潭攠獨潲琭瑥牭⁢敮敦楴猠景爠祯甬⁢畴⁴桥楲潮札瑥牭灥牡瑩潮映祯畲⁳楴攧猠數楳瑥湣攠潦⁣慴慳瑲潰桩挠摡浡来⸠䥦⁹潵爠獩瑥⁴桲潵杨⁴桥⁰畲捨慳攠潦‫ㄠ桩瑳Ⱐ獯⁹潵爠獩瑥⁷楬氠灲潤畣攠瑨攠景汬潷楮朠桡穡牤献‼⽰㸊㱰㸠祯畲⁳楴攠浡礠扥⁰畮楳桥搠批⁡⁳敡牣栠敮杩湥‼⽰㹇潯杬攠਼瀾⁩瑳敬映楳⁡灰牯慣栠瑯⁩浰牯癥⁴桥ⁱ畡汩瑹映瑨攠獥慲捨⁩猠癥特⁢潲楮朠景爠瑨潳攠睨漠扲敡欠瑨攠牵汥猠潦⁴桥⁧慭攮⁉映瑨攠慬杯物瑨洠摥瑥捴猠䝯潧汥⁴漠祯畲⁳楴攠畳楮朠瑨攠灵牣桡獥映⬱⁳Ⱐ瑨敮⁹潵慹⁢攠湯敳猠瑨慮⁴桥⁣潮獥煵敮捥猠潦⁴桥⁰畲捨慳攠汩湫Ⱐ湯琠潮汹⁷楬氠祯甠睡獴攠祯畲潮敹Ⱐ祯甠睩汬⁳敲楯畳汹⁤慭慧攠祯畲⁳楴攠楮⁇潯杬攠獥慲捨⁲慮歩湧献‼⽰㸊㱰㸠瑨楳⁩猠愠橵湫潷ⁱ畡汩瑹⁩湦潲浡瑩潮⁴慣瑩捳‼⽰㹆楲獴Ⱐ睥⁣潮獩摥爠瑨攠਼瀾‫ㄠ扵瑴潮⁴漠楮晬略湣攠慮搠獥慲捨Ⱐ睥⁣慮⁳慹⁴桡琠瑨攠⬱⁢畴瑯渠楳⁡渠業灲潶敭敮琠潦⁣潲牥污瑩潮⁩湤數映獯捩慬⁳敡牣栮⁉映祯甠捬楣欠潮⁴桥‫ㄠ扵瑴潮⁡牥⁳潭攠湯渠牥污瑥搠畳敲猬⁴桥渠瑨攠牡湫楮朠潦⁹潵爠獩瑥❳潮札瑥牭⁤慭慧攬⁴桥癥牡汬⁩湦潲浡瑩潮⁡湤⁷楬氠桩摥⁹潵爠扲慮搬⁹潵爠獩瑥⁩猠浯牥⁰牯晥獳楯湡氮‼⽰㸊㱰㸠楴⁷楬氠浥獳⁵瀠祯畲⁡湡汹獩猠㰯瀾਼瀾⁩渠瑨攠湯扬攠扡批⁁湡汹獩猠⡡湡汹獩猩映瑨攠牥灯牴⁷楬氠杩癥⁶楳楴潲猠祯甠桡癥⁳瑡瑩獴楣猠潮⁹潵爠獩瑥⁶楳楴潲猠捬楣欠潮⁴桥‫ㄠ扵瑴潮畭扥爠慮搠汯捡瑩潮⸠奯甠捡渠扥瑴敲⁵湤敲獴慮搠瑨攠摡瑡⁢礠獯浥⁶楳楴潲猠瑯慫攠瑨敩爠獩瑥猠瑯⁢整瑥爠浥整⁴桥敥摳映癩獩瑯牳⸠䥦⁹潵⁢畹⁡慲来畭扥爠潦潮‫ㄠ摡瑡映湡瑵牥Ⱐ睩汬⁧牥慴汹⁡晦散琠瑨攠慣捵牡捹映瑨攠摡瑡Ⱐ慮搠摥獴牯礠祯畲⁴慲来琠癩獩瑯牳⁡湤⁶楳楴潲猠瑨攠潰灯牴畮楴礠瑯⁴慲来琠捯湶敲獩潮⸠㰯瀾਼瀾⁡汬⁴桥獥敧慴楶攠慳灥捴猠睩汬⁡晦散琠瑨攠摡浡来⁴漠祯畲⁳楴攮⁆潲⁡⁳楴攠楦⁹潵⁷慮琠瑯⁨慶攠愠汯湧⵴敲洠獵捣敳猬⁹潵⁳桯畬搠慬睡祳⁦潬汯眠瑨攠扥獴⁰牡捴楣攠杵楤敬楮敳Ⱐ慮搠慤桥牥⁴漠瑨攠畳攠潦⁷桩瑥⁨慴灴業楺慴楯渠瑥捨湯汯杹⸠周攠潲楧楮慬⁢汯朠批⁊楡⁘略汯湧⃨뒵迥꺝鵪楥祩瑯湧杯뗦鞏鷨뒝⼠灬敡獥⁩湤楣慴攠瑨攠獯畲捥⸠㰯瀾 read more

Analysis Web site in the number of the most appropriate anchor text

(above 贵族宝贝meirongyiqi8贵族宝贝 small share. The first time in the A5, please exhibitions, hope I can learn more knowledge of some optimization.

do not know is not because of too much influence the website ranking, but so many feel always listen to the arrangement of others to update the article, never had their own opinion, now we can find some problems, try to change the way is also very good. And look at the same industry competitors website, found an article with so many anchor text are not many, so now I almost do not add a anchor text, only occasionally add a. After the responsible person let me do, decide for yourself. read more

looked at the Shanghai dragon industry will die within two years

with the entire Internet industry in the direction of change, to determine the search engine on the web, from the simple correlation to the chain of the site, site architecture, user experience, to the future of social media when it comes to the performance of the search engine in consideration, step by step, intelligent, humane, and more detailed. Shanghai dragon industry as the search engine adjustment, and constantly adjust and change the operating practices, in the face of the recent views and indexes of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners only to strengthen the industry sensitivity, constantly learning, adjust and optimize their skills at any time, continue to use the network hot media, only to know more about search engine. Better to optimize, only a professional can be survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest. read more

Talk about love some recent changes in Shanghai

February 15th, Shanghai Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai search tips, to remind the owners see love Shanghai official guide, search results recovery after a few hours. For this event, I think generally in the online Public opinions are divergent., several considerations.

1, "black hat Shanghai dragon" continue to turn love Shanghai search loopholes, disrupting the search results, love here in Shanghai given a warning.

1, Shanghai love to share products promotion. Just like the site domain name, like the promotion of statistical tools, this method is very good promotion of love Shanghai sharing tools, coupled with the temptation of the introduction, the effect is striking. But "love Shanghai share mutual brush group such as" like bamboo shoots after a spring rain surge, don’t know how to love Shanghai will share the amount as "quality reference. read more

How fast the new station through the investigation and avoid entering the sandbox period


when a site after the shelves, first of all to the site within the covered place the first place don’t fall over. Simply say if the blog, then you are inside each column must have at least 1~2 articles, so that when you go to the spider crawling over it, can at least ensure that wherever there is something spider crawling, or empty will cause unfriendly spider. This is like when you go to buy a house, you go look inside what are not, still black, you say what you feel. That said, I will not buy this house. This also shows that, within the site should have certain layout content will as much as possible to bring spider friendly feeling. read more

From Sina micro blog teamed up with the LaCara case of suspected read marketing

now by the bank to buy financial products, you should first take a look at hand, get Mama No. 216, after the window to No. 150, no way you can, where banks have so many people, you are standing there, the bank’s security came to you, please let a sidewalk, this is too helpless, three hours later, not to take the number, kind of anxious Pumianerlai, why, the person in front of you are tired of waiting. I want to break the window, by the bank staff, let him first to handle their own impulses. read more