Chinese Airlines to Share Details ON Unruly Passengers

center_img Five Chinese airlines have agreed to work together to blacklist disorderly passengers amid increasing unruly behaviour.Air China, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Spring Air have said they will now share their own lists with one another and ban the rowdy passengers across the board.Zhang Wuan, Spring Air’s marketing chief, said “we have come up with our own list already. It includes those who beat up our staff, refuse to get on the plane or block the exit.” Such incidents often make the headlines in China.Last summer, in Eastern China, a first class passenger set fire to newspapers and curtains in the cabin.In December 2014, on an AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Nanjing, Chinese passengers threw hot water and noodles at a flight attendant because they were apparently unhappy with the seating arrangements. As a result, the captain was forced to turn the plane back to Bangkok (see video below).The South China Morning Post reported that in the first half of 2015, there were 12 incidents in which Chinese passengers had tried to open emergency exit doors while their aircraft was on the ground. The reasons ranged from wanting fresh air to needing a cigarette.China’s aviation market has been growing rapidly in the past few years. The country is set to surpass the United States as the largest passenger market by 2034.last_img

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