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But here’s a scene-by-scene analysis of what we’re seeing and hearing, not Vader’s, Military recruiting stations across the nation are being retrofitted with bulletproof glass. Mo. after the death of a black teenager shot by a white policeman led local officials returned much of the surplus Pentagon gear So it’s fair to ask if President-elect Trump’s recent moves to stack his Administration with recently-retired generals is headed down the same path Military historians say there has never been a time in modern US history when a prospective commander-in-chief is considering so many generals (and admirals) for top jobs in his Administration There’s concern their presence could erode the tradition of civilian control of the US military “Too many generals in top spots risks having many primarily military perspectives outweigh civilian voices on issues that require a sound balance of both” cautions Dave Barno a retired Army lieutenant general “That said most all of the generals being interviewed by Trump would add unquestioned gravitas and hard-won common-sense knowledge about the world to his new team that should be welcomed by all Americans” There is a hunger for those attributes “I think Americans these days really want government to work” says Charles Dunlap a retired Air Force major general “Given that the military is the institution in our society in which they have the most confidence I dont think there will be much pushback from the general public if there are several retired officers filling civilian politically-appointee leadership roles” Trump who never served in the military and who has few foreign-policy chops is packing his Administration with those who have spent decades saluting and carrying out orders The growing list includes retired four-star Marine James Mattis to run the Defense Department (an appointment that will require waiving a law that the US military’s civilian chief be out of uniform for at least seven years) retired Marine general John Kelly at the helm of the Department of Homeland Security and retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn to serve as national security adviser Trump is also considering retired Army general David Petraeus and retired admiral James Stavridis to serve as Secretary of State and Navy Admiral Mike Rogers who remains on active duty as head of the super-secret National Security Agency as the director of national intelligencethe nation’s top spy But old soldiers are not martial automatons responding reflexively to civilian commands By the time an officer wears four stars he or she has spent years dealing with major strategic issues Such experienceespecially in national-security mattersshould prove invaluable to a President with little such background They are far more likely to act as a brake on hare-brained notionsfrom Trump or anyone elsethan a gas pedal current and former US military officers say And Trump has shown a willingness to listen After the President-elect said he might resume waterboarding suspected terrorists Mattis made him rethink its wisdom by telling him he’d get more out of them with “a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers” The one outlier among the retired senior officers in Trump’s orbit appears to be Flynn an early supporter of Trump’s campaign Trump wants Flynn to serve as his national security adviser (a position unlike the others that does not require Senate confirmation) Flynn has long had a reputation as an outspoken officer but that has been causing him trouble lately In one tweet just before the election Flynn passed along a link to a false Hillary Clinton sex story: He also has been criticized for not publicly rebuking his son’s tweeting Sunday about a different and also unfounded Clinton sex tale: This troubles Barry McCaffrey a retired four-star Army general who originally endorsed Flynn for the White House post (Trump booted the younger Flynn from his transition staff on Tuesday because of the tweet) The national security adviser “is one of the five most powerful positions in the nation” McCaffrey said Thursday “If he’s not able to immediately denounce that kind of demented story there’s something wrong and we need to examine his suitability for public office” Write to Mark Thompson at [email protected] all the strides same-sex marriage advocates have made in recent years a deep-red state with nothing on the ballot about the issue this year seems at first glance like an odd target for activists to set in their sights But that’s exactly what they’re doing in Oklahoma A pro-gay-marriage group deployed a statewide advertising campaign in Oklahoma on Monday Evan Wolfson founder and president of Freedom to Marry a group helping to fund the campaign said the absence of urgent public debate makes this the perfect time to reignite a conversation in Oklahoma that can be very emotionally charged on both sides "What we want to do is take this out of the political back and forth and just have a heart to heart conversation at a time when people have a chance to just take a deep breath and think it through" Wolfson told TIME "Theyre being asked to open their hearts and think about real people and real values such as the golden rule and think about who gay people are in Oklahoma" The ad tells the story of the Cuyler family and their ranch near Fort Sill in rural southwestern Oklahoma At the ranch decorated Vietnam veteran Ed Cuyler and his wife Robbie live with their daughter Deedra her partner Amber and their three kids Deedra and Amber were married in Massachusetts in 2011 but their marriage isnt recognized in Oklahoma due to the states 2004 constitutional amendment banning recognition of same-sex marriages With its rural aesthetic and the appeal to family values the ad is designed for a wide swath of the states population including people outside of the urban centers of Tulsa and Oklahoma City a demographic not generally assumed to be sympathetic to arguments in favor of same-sex marriage "Wed talk to legislators who would say Theres no gay people in my district" said Troy Stevenson of the Freedom Oklahoma coalition which produced the ad with Freedom to Marry "Well we know thats not true” Stevenson met the Cuyler family in February during his groups annual lobbying day at the state capital Deedra and Amber came with their twins Stevenson said after learning more about the familywith the kids the ranch and the fathers personal journey toward accepting his daughters familyhe knew hed found a couple for a TV spot The ad comes as 10th Circuit Court Appeals is expected to rule within weeks on a challenge to Oklahomas same-sex marriage ban which was overturned by a federal judge in Tulsa in a landmark ruling last January In recent months Freedom to Marry has also run similar ads in Wyoming New Mexico Colorado and Utah where a legal challenge to that states same-sex marriage ban is also being weighed by the 10thCircuit The ads are part of Freedom to Marrys national effort to cultivate support throughout the country for same-sex marriage in advance of the next time the Supreme Court takes up the issue with the hope the court will find public opinion has shifted and Americans are ready for a sweeping decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide The conventional wisdom says proponents of same-sex marriage face a steep uphill battle in Oklahoma The Atlantic used aggregated polling data from the region in 2012 to find that 35 percent of Oklahomans support same-sex marriage but reliable up-to-date polling on the question doesnt appear to exist Freedom Oklahoma intends change that with a statewide poll after the ad run with the goal of having data to sort through within the month "Its been an uphill battle all over the country" Stevenson said "Here in Oklahoma theres a perception its going to be much harder In talking to Oklahomans every day I think theres a lot more support than people understand" Contact us at [email protected] CandidatesRpt %PA1Wallace (D) 0%Fitzpatrick (R) 0%0%PA2Boyle (D) 0%Torres (R) 0%0%PA3Evans (D) 0%Leib (R) 0%0%PA4Dean (D) 0%David (R) 0%0%PA5Scanlon (D) 0%Kim (R) 0%0%PA6Houlahan (D) 0%McCauley (R) 0%0%PA7Wild (D) 0%Nothstein (R) 0%0%PA8Cartwright (D) 0%Chrin (R) 0%0%PA9Wolff (D) 0%Meuser (R) 0%0%PA10Scott (D) 0%Perry (R) 0%0%PA11King (D) 0%Smucker (R) 0%0%PA12Friedenberg (D) 0%Marino (R) 0%0%PA13Ottaway (D) 0%Joyce (R) 0%0%PA14Boerio (D) 0%Reschenthaler (R) 0%0%PA15Boser (D) 0%Thompson (R) 0%0%PA16DiNicola (D) 0%Kelly (R) 0%0%PA17Lamb (D) 0%Rothfus (R) 0%0%PA18Doyle (D) 100%Uncontested0%+ ExpandPresident Goodluck Jonathan has declared that it is time for Nigeria to ”dismantle the idol of exclusivity” and discard issues that focus on state of origin rather citizens of nation and this change will be carried out with the ongoing review of the nation’s constitution Delivering the President’s remark at the 13th Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe lecture which focused on developing ethnic policy for national integration to address the issue of indigenes versus settlers the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Prof Viola Adaku Onwuliri who represented Dr Jonathan stated emphatically that “things just have to change” ”In the plan for nation building the joy for all patriots is for all citizens to enjoy the rights of citizenship” the President stated as he acknowledged that ”there is a dangerous growth of indigeneship versus settlership crises” and ”these are enemies of Nigeria which we must aggressively not tolerate” he added ”There is hardly any ethnic group in Nigeria which does not have a sizeable amount of its people residing outside of their ethnic communities” the President noted as he explained how is his native Ijaw tribe (whom he claimed are predominantly fish eaters) have been taught how to eat and source fresh beef by Fulani herdsmen that have settled in their communities ”This strong cosmopolitan is the future of Nigeria” the President affirmed as he declared that ethnicity must give way to citizenship as granted by rights of the Nigerian Constitution and this I will defend with all my power as President” he declared “We should glory in our diversity because it is our strength” the President added He also admitted the fears of communities that they might be swamped by others but he explained that every effort will be made to ensure that their culture is preserved and that “where the laws are ambiguous we will address that with the ongoing review constitution” This is coming as hundreds of lives are lost and property destroyed in recent inter-communal clashes in cities and states across the country such as Plateau Benue Nassarawa and Lagos Source: Channels Thursday evening, “Momodu Bama’s father, show proposed redactions to “predecisional” information that could "reveal [National Monument] review strategy. 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