Love Shanghai promotion reduce promotion costs over 3 times


although each industry PPC keyword prices ranging from several to hundreds of Yuan Mao, but after love Shanghai to reduce the number of promotion, the price of keywords generally floating there, some rose up to 350%.


love Shanghai monologue: "anyway, I should make it less… You free…"

do the bidding in the education and training industry Commissioner Han Bing (a pseudonym) said: "the promotion was reduced after we had a core keyword prices may 50~60 yuan to the first row in the home, the recent bid has risen to more than 120 (yuan). More than doubled." Another auction Commissioner Long Jun (a pseudonym) lamented: "the original 16 (yuan) words, now 26 (yuan) no position."

love Shanghai adjusted some rules of love Shanghai promotion in the last month, the most obvious change is the promotion of the position show reduced. This also means love Shanghai to give up part of the revenue, or let

, according to media reports, a bidding commissioner said love Shanghai the original bidding promotion bid 10 yuan to row on the left side the first position, but after May 24th to bid 35 yuan to row on the home page, instant promotion costs increased by 3.5 times.

promotion price!

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