Outside the chain correlation effectively improve website weight

three, contribute the way, a lot of people are afraid of, because the sense of his literary talent is not good, not write a good article, but I found that after some tests, the industry contribution website still exists, but less of their website source, if you are original, or is part of the copy article, issued to they are usually given by the website, and the weights are not low. (the same industry chain, the effect is good, but there is a possibility of the acquisition of

) )

chain how to find, there are many ways, but no one can persist, often persist, high quality content will appear, of course we hope to be able to quickly improve website ranking effect, but every time they adhere to the half, but can not see the future the results of how to give up.

The correlation between

forum signature two, thousands of times, many industries are a forum for the exchange, of course good forum or some, we can use the post the way to increase the chain, a lot of people in the tangled problem, but for the forum, especially the industry forum, you can go directly to copy the rival site article. Add your own web site, improve the content on the website of the correlation. (forum signature, different industries or outside the chain, then the effect will be greatly reduced, the correlation is the opposite of

five, Links, did not want to explain this method, but many of my friends can not find their own suitable correlation links of friendship, if you can not find the same industry website links, can

four, classified information website, do a lot of people outside the chain are classified information now, of course a very significant effect is fast, classified information website are seconds, can quickly see the effect, for waiting, most classification information release are the product of articles. Then, relatively high, and the classified information website itself website weight is not low. (classified information outside the chain, not only high correlation, high weight, and one is can also obtain customer resources, to do a double effect of

many people know the weight of the chain can effectively enhance the website, also know the correlation right website weight also pay attention on the content, the higher correlation, so the weight of the website is higher, but the correlation was found outside the chain of high quality is not so easy to obtain, not only make people feel some difficulty the following TIM, with the method of how to share the need for high quality of the chain.

, who on the chain blog, blog of course is to use third party blog, is a good choice for the webmaster, takes time to keep a good blog, which we call support, and not to increase the weight of the website tradition, we need to do is to improve the weights of the website at the same time blog related, and this effect has a better effect on website. (correlation, increase the weight of the blog in the content of the website of the chain is significant with better effect)


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