Love Shanghai 14 days inside pages included twists and turns

! A space!

from 2000 to enter the personal webmaster of the seemingly unlimited scenery in the industry by 2006 had to leave, as a 36 year old middle-aged man, my heart has unwilling! So, establishment of knowledge, knowledge of Shanghai dragon…… I was in a bit of information in the key column.

error three, garbage outside the chain of

in the site before, I read many articles, it is said that the CN domain name for a variety of reasons it is difficult to collect, so buy the nets of贵族宝贝 domain, 39 yuan, very cheap! In the space, I made! Because as everyone knows why I considered and decided to buy a Hongkong space. Online shopping habits drive, I went to the Taobao search, Hongkong host, found really cheap, the top three are no more than 50 yuan, cheap, really cheap! An impulse to buy a 49 yuan / year! DNS, upload procedures, extract the installation, but no problem! Third days, found the problem, the 23 points at home 8 megabytes of broadband WIFI signal under the full two hours actually not even the host! Second days and occasionally even up sharing network in the unit 4G, most of the time is unable to connect to the server, looking for the store, the store does not bird me, looking for space service the customer does not reply! Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools 404 error one day actually appeared more than a dozen! Tangled tangled! Fourth days in the west to purchase digital space, new domain name

when I found out the problem of the replacement of space. Because the first three days in the old space I have written many articles, so I decided to get old space content download package and then uploaded to the Western digital space. 8M, Download for 26 minutes to upload after just 4 minutes, this is the gap



! Really is a penny goods, the money or not.

error two page, change.

I don’t know this is not just a guess wrong!


site, in addition to submit sites in Shanghai, I >


finally, could not bear, I play

May 1st May 14th Shanghai station, the first love included inside pages, the twists and turns of the unknown. Here, I put my past and misunderstanding feel wrong, to you under the inventory. Is well known.

here to change what I said is not a large range of content change! But home page title and description change. When the site was on the line, the development of the general direction I want to be good, but the specific content of the text but not thinking. In line with the principle of The more, the better., keywords and description in addition of uncertain large text. After a few days, to change to change. I don’t know if it contains the content of the page, but it has great influence on the home! Until today (May 14th), my home page snapshot or April 5th, love Shanghai has not updated.


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