Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization and the details of the work are inseparable

for cosmetic photography network promotion operations a year and a half to make me understand that "do Shanghai Longfeng optimization and the details of the work are inseparable, the following is Xiaobian I am doing make-up photography network promotion summarized some experience, hope to share with you the webmaster, learning.

then I slowly noticed to make the site rankings better, you have to start from the details of the work, including daily editor to release the soft, soft, and then released in the soft, the anchor text to add the relevant keywords, and outside the station optimization and promotion, so that I work in Shanghai Dragon the intention to do, try to make the website rankings better, the only way to get more students from the network.

contact Shanghai dragon website promotion work a year and a half ago, then feel the website promotion is every day to send some classified information, and then in the blog, space will be the night before their ready and pictures posted up each other, and boost popularity make blog more prosperous, moreover is to release some information in question, some believe free promotion platform, although the concept of Shanghai dragon completely not the end but I’m still not picky, each job will be dedicated to doing.

, first make a working plan and arrange daily

here is my own summary to the simple day work plan, because of the time, so I probably summarize.

was 2, second days to turn on the computer, I will search relevant keywords, see their website ranking which keywords >

to now I still was to summarize, constantly learning new knowledge of Shanghai dragon, keep studying, and I also give myself every day by a row of work plan and time, in order to make every day better finish the work and achieve the website ranking.

to enter the network era start empty-handed enterprise, if there is no promotion and publicity of the network is difficult to survival and development. A web site to establish a good corporate image and ranked in the Internet, website promotion and Optimization in place is essential.

I also no one with so real entry is relatively late, after almost 8 months of 7, I slowly to Shanghai dragon website promotion and is familiar with one of my website by ranking from the original 100 outside a Shanghai home in love, the search for relevant keywords to find me. The website, and is ranked first, second, from then on Shanghai Longfeng intrigued me, I also slowly to observe for some time ago I footprint website optimization and promotion, only to find the original website promotion optimization and so dainty (before I was every day from the magazine or other pages above throw a comparison of professional articles published on his website).

1. First, I’ll be ready in second days of night to the promotion of the articles, pictures and related information.

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