Analysis Web site in the number of the most appropriate anchor text

(above 贵族宝贝meirongyiqi8贵族宝贝 small share. The first time in the A5, please exhibitions, hope I can learn more knowledge of some optimization.

do not know is not because of too much influence the website ranking, but so many feel always listen to the arrangement of others to update the article, never had their own opinion, now we can find some problems, try to change the way is also very good. And look at the same industry competitors website, found an article with so many anchor text are not many, so now I almost do not add a anchor text, only occasionally add a. After the responsible person let me do, decide for yourself.


website editor, since the update in the station, there are people who have been responsible for the optimization of the article and tell the anchor text, for different companies, each company’s requirements are not the same. In the end of the specific number of every time obey orders, because different companies have different demands, and it says is very reasonable, so it is executed, but this one was feeling with the anchor text too many problems.

unfortunately beginning from the end of May, the website ranking has been wavering, and suddenly appear ranking all have no, no one can find the reason. So I try not to add so many anchor text, only the beginning of a link to the home page, and then after a few days, not a plus. Responsible for later discovered that also in the same way, plus two days off and no ranking, no way in case I am not with so many anchor text, ranking again.

3, now the first person responsible for the optimization of the said add anchor text, the first section of the first key link to the home page, and then another second different keyword link to the home page, and then other paragraphs add a different title of the article, add a link to the article. To say that such an article appeared in the 3 links, each role of the responsible person also said is very reasonable, so did.

2, second people told the article don’t add anchor text within the chain, he has done, and what time he will tell me, I also did, but this site has been ranked gaobucheng low not, don’t fall, never to. Although the daily articles are also as far as possible the original one hundred percent.


1, the beginning of the first person to tell me that the first and last paragraph keywords each add a link to home page, then finally write a source, and a web site, said in an article that is equal to 3. In this way, a website is updated every day two article, add a fixed mode of a year, the website ranking is also very good, what did not appear too big problem.

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