looked at the Shanghai dragon industry will die within two years

with the entire Internet industry in the direction of change, to determine the search engine on the web, from the simple correlation to the chain of the site, site architecture, user experience, to the future of social media when it comes to the performance of the search engine in consideration, step by step, intelligent, humane, and more detailed. Shanghai dragon industry as the search engine adjustment, and constantly adjust and change the operating practices, in the face of the recent views and indexes of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners only to strengthen the industry sensitivity, constantly learning, adjust and optimize their skills at any time, continue to use the network hot media, only to know more about search engine. Better to optimize, only a professional can be survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest.

third: content is king

I personally think that this article has some advice on the whole of Shanghai Longfeng;

fourth: who is ranked

is currently Shanghai dragon is no longer associated with this link, but with the marketing website user participation is closely related. Only more let the site with the user on the platform of interaction in the community, in order to achieve.

Google said, for those using a "trick" to improve the search ranking vendors, Google released the development code for the "Penguin" (Penguin) of the new algorithm, the corresponding ranking of these vendors "downgrade". In addition, Google also decided to Shanghai dragon focus from "reverse link" turned to social media love, sharing, Twitter information, and edit the "1+" button (the Google 1+ natural preference index). In other words, Google has been paid much attention in social media followers, comments and ideas and so on, we can see that the search engines consider, more and more.

was the first to answer doubts, Shanghai dragon within two years will really die? Of course not, may change the name, but the essence is not change.

The first point:

second: the survival of the fittest

content is king, and community followers gave birth to the king, only a large number of outstanding Posts submitted to the community, a large number of participants to allow the community to follow, reprinted in communication, in order to attract more attention of fans, how much value you provide to the community, will be able to get much in return.

online yesterday in a "Forbes": "Shanghai dragon is dead" popular social real-time content, the author published an article in the first time to see the news, the article did not make any changes, just modify the title, after the table is in the group link (many group is the kind of popularity is not very busy group), from published to an hour later, the cumulative hit more than 200 times. This article published this article browsing amount is still increasing, can see Shanghai dragon many people are always concerned, concerned about the development of Shanghai dragon.

search engine on site inspection surface increased

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