How fast the new station through the investigation and avoid entering the sandbox period


when a site after the shelves, first of all to the site within the covered place the first place don’t fall over. Simply say if the blog, then you are inside each column must have at least 1~2 articles, so that when you go to the spider crawling over it, can at least ensure that wherever there is something spider crawling, or empty will cause unfriendly spider. This is like when you go to buy a house, you go look inside what are not, still black, you say what you feel. That said, I will not buy this house. This also shows that, within the site should have certain layout content will as much as possible to bring spider friendly feeling.

yes, now the chain is one of the indispensable factors of a website, but is not one of the best decisive factor. Especially for the new station, first of all to do its own website value is the approval of the most important things, the construction of the chain volume continued to do later.

Before the first,

view in the new site this year to more than in previous years, but not many sites really do let oneself satisfactory effect. Many new sites such as the new death in the study period, why? Because the webmaster of the site in the daily operation with too many details not attention in place, then touch the core algorithm of love Shanghai immediately extended longer period. Well, I will give you talk about the new station how to safely through the investigation and avoid entering the sandbox period:

second, the chain is not appropriate, "exclusive words" should be promoted to

is now the new station basically as long as your site structure is reasonable, robots allows the spider crawling, so you only need to send a few chain or the love of their domain names and station query tools. Can attract the spider to come, when the success of the spider lure, so your site will be a great chance to immediately release. When the website is released, you go to check the rankings, you will find that your chosen keywords have good rankings, but this time the ranking is not real, just love Shanghai to the railway station, which is also called the privilege of investigation. If you do well in the study period, then you will continue to maintain a good ranking. If a little mistake, so your ranking will disappear and will Not the least trace was found. pulled into several sandbox of punishment. So, in this ranking, we should fully make internal department, avoid excessive optimization. And outside the station vigorously promote their own website exclusive words. To promote their website exclusive word is to let more people know, this site exists, why is this site, the focus is to allow users to search through the exclusive word into our.

spiders visit, we must first with

every day spend more time on how to make users more convenient access to the information they want, how to recommend the audience the required content. This is a new station most should pay attention to the place, even if it takes a few nights a few days also will not refuse under any circumstances.

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