From Sina micro blog teamed up with the LaCara case of suspected read marketing

now by the bank to buy financial products, you should first take a look at hand, get Mama No. 216, after the window to No. 150, no way you can, where banks have so many people, you are standing there, the bank’s security came to you, please let a sidewalk, this is too helpless, three hours later, not to take the number, kind of anxious Pumianerlai, why, the person in front of you are tired of waiting. I want to break the window, by the bank staff, let him first to handle their own impulses.

I understand that many of us have the wrong understanding of marketing. I think that marketing is divided into two parts, one part is the circle of people, sina is micro-blog, Second People pin for these people.

we all know that there are four hundred million users, has big flow, but no function ah, this is like building a camp, but did not find a suitable means of marketing, so he needs perfect function to put these flow into profits.

, a mutually beneficial cooperation

, micro-blog and Sina finally lakala cooperation is a heaven-made match, like a man meets a woman ah. After the cooperation promising ah, give birth to their children are not strange! May have belonged to them are


two, from the user’s point of view also need such a product

first, Kara is a kind of terminal payment function, has many functions, for example, buy train tickets, airline tickets, Taobao shopping, financial products, you can go to Kara to look at his function. But these functions for us especially strange, we are not familiar with, to see from the Kara angle, especially want to put these out of business promotion.


today was informed that sina suspected to Kara, if the two sides reach in the areas of O2O and mobile payment cooperation. Nationwide intelligent terminal 75 thousand by Kara, micro-blog users can at any time in the area of the supermarket convenience store, buy train tickets and even financial products, fully open from Online to Offline, that is a real ecological circle. Analysis of this thing here.

if you are Sina micro-blog users, you only need in their own downstairs Lakalali, so gently stroke on you in Everything will be fine., returned to the bank, not to take the ticket queue they looked with a relaxed state of mind, you say the mood is good, cold air free riding, watching people anxious neck red thick, this is your boring day a scenery line.


three, from the cooperation of marketing

if the Sina and Kara, cooperation is successful, you can count on is a perfect cooperation, even more perfect than Sina and Taobao cooperation. Why?

Secondly, Sina micro-blog

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