Noble baby in the search results test add share links

before the place was aristocratic baby +1 button, after point for this web aristocratic baby +1, and don’t share with your friends know. Now the Share button when you hover over the search results will be displayed, as before the +1 button as well as the noble baby.



has found new stuff and noble baby test in search results, search results is second line address behind more than a Share button, click directly after the page to share the noble baby +:


In fact, after the

point noble baby +1 button, not just a vote on the website only, it can also be used as a bookmark, because you can see yourself to what sites do nobility baby +1 in his noble baby Profile page, but this action is only for their own use, and only the noble baby know, and your friends don’t know, so noble baby may consider let you share to be a noble baby + diffusion.

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