Love is to reduce Shanghai Sohu micro blog keywords ranking and no seckill

through the Sohu micro-blog keywords ranking do example, can give the webmaster friends to bring enlightenment: network marketing should seize the opportunity, perhaps a lot of things you find, but there is a kind of psychological, don’t take it easy. But the chance of people missed will lose a good opportunity to make money, perhaps many webmaster friends by the Sohu micro-blog earned a small long tail keywords. Therefore, whether in the network life or in real life, sometimes we will grasp the opportunity to help a helping hand.


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This paper consists of

through love love Shanghai Shanghai algorithm adjustment, only to reduce the weight of the Sohu micro-blog page, so that those pages to the back, and there is no real "those who have them seckill, ranking good, now still exist:

although the long tail keywords have lost ranking, but the Sohu micro-blog webmaster friends for it, the biggest difference with sina, micro-blog’s Tencent is not in the case of landing can view other people’s content, can also be a search engine, which can bring us websites outside the chain, and the chain is very stable, there is no need to worry about will be deleted, at least not now this is dangerous, as the weight of the chain size of this dedication, by the webmaster friends to verify their own, from the overall analysis of the Sohu micro-blog is perhaps a good outside chain resources.

thank you for your cooperation!

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, webmaster friends should feel badly about it, especially for those who take a shortcut to the webmaster friends, happy just the moment. Some time ago is very hot Sohu micro-blog, now seems to be more quiet, the main reason lies in the love of Shanghai is no longer "favor" Sohu micro-blog, some time ago, many webmaster friends will seize the Sohu micro-blog quickly realize the long tail keywords ranking, a strength of Sohu to do micro-blog keyword ranking keywords. The ranking will soon play an immediate effect, long tail keywords a competition is relatively small, as long as the fill in the name of the Sohu micro-blog, send some article up, you can easily achieve the keywords ranking and ranking, the effect is very good, usually appear on the first page. After several weeks of twists and turns, love Shanghai finally could not stand, the change of the algorithm, let all the Sohu micro-blog Not the least trace was found. do long tail keywords disappear ".


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