3 Shanghai dragon skills allow you to recruit into Shanghai before the three key words of love

avoid suspicion advertising, direct verification of love Shanghai input; Shanghai dragon combat battalion, to find the "Shanghai dragon training camp _ freedom _sem combat power forum" on the home page, in contrast the domain name, I want to see the content can also view, content is king, is very laborious, but there is a return, do not bother you don’t see. The first map for everyone to see:

3) is the last page anchor text, or that these keywords must appear in the title and description, and then let them put the natural, the most important place is the site of the upper left, the anchor point must be true of the link, the more important it is natural, not stiff on then there is the middle and lower parts, these places should have the keyword link, also is the anchor text, but cannot be repeated, must be flexible display, the main keywords and try to put as much as possible, some high density.


2) describe the way, this place must appear the title of the text, but also have no title, is close to the subject content of the site.

above, you can be released to the group, and then let the people to operate, but there is a risk that someone will kick you out of the group. Another way is a bunch of people gathered together, there are eleven phenomena, or ranking in the twenty or less, can be so made! And those who did not rank, do not advocate such, be honest to do the content, and the chain of

article by Zhang Qing Shanghai Longfeng optimization, 贵族宝贝mrzhang2829贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon /2831.html reproduced indicate the source.

!The original

this skill is also not what it means to love Shanghai click on the principle! Of course, this title is a title of the party, but you can indeed make the rankings, because before I tested, I had a word, there are 10 people, click on the next day, the first, the original in tenth! However, this is not suitable for any one of the words, words I test, the index is less than 500, 10 people, or ten of IP, is enough! If the index is high, the more people will be.

1) to talk about the title, but the title not too cumbersome, don’t put all the words are written on, actually write the main 3-4 will be enough, there may be a lot of people say, I have dozens of words, write to be able to search? Actually, but not for all write, there are a lot of repeat, will not have to realize, but I see the title, he will automatically match out, because this is derived from the above several key words word a lot, this is the love of Shanghai Chinese segmentation method, it may also need to describe the content of help.

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