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four, anchor link strategy

two, ZhengZhan strategy

three, submitted to the soft

before the optimization of any industry website, collect the construction of the chain platform related is a must. As for Guangzhou trademark registration website optimization, so the author besides a number of accumulated resources outside the chain, also collected a large number of registered trademark in the community forum, etc.. The chain construction of some related every day. Other platforms for increasing the breadth of the chain.

network, Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, the number of website optimization will not be low, therefore, Guangzhou trademark net hands need to be optimized as the theme of the site there are several. If the original articles of words, so the burden of work will become very heavy, therefore, a perfect chain strategy is essential. In this paper, the author share the chain strategy about the trademark registration in Guangzhou network.


in the past, many webmaster for anchor link is to improve the keywords ranking, not a single text link is very easy to cause the site to be search engine that is cheating. Therefore, the construction of the anchor.

in the past, the author found that the role of soft Wen contribute not much effect, in the judgment of the chain released after the introduction of LEE standard, because the document referred to on the recommendation of the important real chain. Therefore, the basic every day adhere to contribute a chain in the A5 Adsense nets and the owners of the house, so the chain to the recommended more. But in submission and the chain must pay attention to the amount of control, pay attention to the chain growth rate, if the soft was reproduced a large quantity, then stop the construction of the chain of other platforms, if reproduced content is not high, the chain construction of other platforms to supplement.

search engine to determine the site value not just outside the chain, the website can rely on the chain of the rankings to second pages, or third pages, but by this time, the website ranking will be a bottleneck. At this time only depends on the chain is difficult to break through the bottleneck. Therefore, we should cooperate with other details, such as the website content, click on the keyword, the user experience simulation way to break the bottleneck. At the same time, the construction of the chain is to adhere to the update, so that it can make the effect of the chain to maximize.

, the chain platform collection

The After all, the author is working in the

chain is indeed a double-edged sword, well done is the master, not doing well is cheating. If we can understand the good and bad boundaries where the effect would be brought to the site outside the chain is infinite. Today is Monday, after a casual weekend morning, open the computer to see, find some site optimization, ranking has improved a lot. Although the content of these sites is original, but the quality is too horrible to look at, so that the content of suck, nature is the author of the chain strategy of the trademark registration in Guangzhou net work.

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