A few strokes to tell you how to optimize the video website

data refers to the number of video playback times, browse, share number, the number of comments and so on data show that this is a typical user voting effect, but also need to optimize a quality benchmark to find ways to improve the work on these details, the rational use of brush ticket tricks or can.

1, the video on the site settings

the next step is to optimize the website details, although the search engine can not identify multimedia content, but always find similar pictures and optimization, optimal solution.

5, standing outside the optimization channel of sharing

usually video website can add tags for the release of the video, do not let the webmaster can layout keywords every opportunity, but the premise is not caused by the phenomenon of piling site keywords, can make good use of keyword tags, guide the spider also can make the users to watch video on the theme at a glance.

website, HTML5 has been used more and more widely used with the multimedia form on the website has gradually increased, from the static to dynamic effect picture video website, video works mostly high quality website is the embodiment of creative art form, improve the original web site. However, a video based website and website are obvious differences, these multimedia application to recognize love of spiders in Shanghai is not very good ", this to the optimization of the site work has also brought a big problem, don’t be worried, odd billion network to large group of

mentioned above are the station optimization of video website, we all know that the site.

With the change trend of the

3, on the siteThese so-called

2, use labels to guide the spider

search engine spiders cannot climb from the video content, then the title of the video has become the identification, then take the combination to the description of the title and keywords I live video content, it can optimize the site keywords and can not deviate from the video content.

data shows weapon! The title of

there is no doubt that the construction of video website infrastructure is very important, from the perspective of the user experience, they log in to your site to watch the video, higher requirements for video fluency, in addition to the user’s own speed, the rest is the site where the server problem, higher demands on the server video website, in server optimization generally choose a larger space for the website to post video capacity is too large due to the website loading speed is slow, the phenomenon of poor user experience.

common website is often used to update the weights and the optimization to improve the user experience, of course, the video is no exception, video content updates will also directly affect the trust of users, the website content fresh, timely updates, naturally there will be more users on your site at the same time, these will cause the dynamic search the attention of the engine.

4, the video content update

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