Love K station in Shanghai what are the main features


here refers to security is not a server Vulnerability, nor black chain. According to Internet data statistics found that 3.2% of Internet users have security problems, such as online payment to buy things, Alipay password theft, phishing sites and so on, so that the security problem is a common problem in the internet. What is the safe finger so I said today? We love Shanghai search for something on the Internet, or by 360, security software prompts XX housekeeper and other security risk warning, if you in the search process found some phishing sites or fraudulent information, so we can carry on the report, if the website is a security risk that you have to solve, you don’t have to prove that your website is true, then your website will be. Here the security refers to the safety of Internet users. It is not your website there is a security risk is not prompt?. The same is often the safety tips, there are two cases, one is reported by the user, the other is a qualification. What are the qualifications, such as health care products, health care products is the need for quality in business, it’s important to what is the operating certificate. You have health care products such as products, and your site and there is a risk that your website, and has no qualifications, no way to prove that your product is true, that your site must be K.



recently found many webmaster love Shanghai for many websites of K station, this is a K station is the largest since 2013, so how to deal with the recent love Shanghai K station. What is the K for the novice friends certainly is not very understanding, the popularity of a little bit of knowledge to everyone. K station in general can be divided into two types: one is the rankings, your keywords ranking in front, suddenly lined up 100; the other is all included, you included all of the original page, completely changed to 0. If your ranking was sixth, now at 11, and that this situation is not a K, it can only be said to be floating site keywords, and friends say this is called right down, in fact, this cannot be right down, down right refers to the comprehensive score of site value. Well, knowledge has spread over, let’s talk about the K station.

review what we think since the last time I love Shanghai updates which have been when the area of the K station, one in June 8, 2012, August 9th, our nearest is from December 26th to January 6th this year, the three K station is under what circumstances the K station? To analyze after I to my hand several K sites, found that they have one thing in common, we can think about why other sites are not K, and the several sites is K, they must have some common, otherwise it will not be K, so we have to analyze their common. After analysis there are three main features.

The first feature is:

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