From the 2 Mo Yan love Shanghai artificial intervention and how to enhance the user search experienc

do not know if you noticed? The row in front of all the Nobel prize winning writer Mo Yan, but another man named Mo Yan. In fact, these rankings are from love net, in love to shoot a man called "Mo Yan" registered users online, the user is a hardcore video commentary, loved by everyone, so love online video and many of his comments. Before the writer Mo Yan fire, love online rankings Mo Yan already there.

is here to show love to beat Mo Yan in the first, this is the result of natural ranking, but if you love the Shanghai search will find that the first row is Mo Yan love Shanghai Wikipedia, the second is Mo Yan related news, the third row is Mo Yan love Shanghai post, the fourth is the love net Mo Yan.


recently, China writer Mo Yan won the Nobel prize in literature can be overwhelming news. As a Shanghai dragon staff, it would be easy to guess the words "Mo Yan" the love of Shanghai index will be in the last week there was a linear increase. It is true that last week, "Mo Yan" the love of Shanghai index soared to more than 28000.

The Although

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clearly, this is the love of the Shanghai artificial intervention ranking results, although love Shanghai do so deliberately enhance their products ranking selfish, but we also can’t deny, if there is no love Shanghai intervention rankings, then the user search experience will be so bad, because most people search at this time is Shanghai writer Mo Yan, and love the search results page is a No.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff usually are complaining about the love of Shanghai intervention rankings, but through the 2 "Mo Yan" event, we can see that the love Shanghai intervention rankings for users to enhance the search experience is be of great advantage.

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