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users need more and more perceived information

search engine to provide search results display mode, but more and more people still in search of Web information, because Web information accurate results. Along with the social elements of the rich, people will be more inclined to search such as images, animation, video, voice and other information. The information view is convenient, is also very easy to share, if you want to see the relevant text content can also look for information related links. For example, I want to buy the air flow meter, I want to see what style, or I’m looking for the installation diagram, then I will go directly to search images, with appropriate information to click on links to understand the specific content. Because people for information to different people, the search will not be limited to the web information search entrance will be more and more reflect personal preferences, personalized highlights.

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we all know that the Internet was originally started in the transmission of text information, is so far still on text information. But with the changing times, the surrounding text information will gather more information to the media, a single supplemental information. The social sharing in the process of development in promoting the development of the Internet, browse information now personalized search information, share information from the beginning, people’s attitude to the Internet has changed.

users want to share more information on the types of

with social networking platforms continue to mature, with only PC to PC internet terminal and mobile terminal coexist, people change the demand for information will be the carrier text has not fully to take the contents of the expression, people know the need to enhance the sense of image information, this perception is very direct, more convenient communication. If it is a piece of clothing, use words to introduce can be said to understand, but in the human brain but it is difficult to imagine. If equipped with pictures or images, the text embedded in images, the acceptance of more intuitive. Of course, the picture information represents only one direction, the future will have more information that can be perceived. It is only a static picture of it, it will not have a dynamic picture? With the search engine technology continues to improve, as long as the recognition of multimedia information can be very good, accurate search results, meet the needs of the people, the people will be more inclined to find these contents.

, and love of Shanghai released voice assistant, is launched in 360 channel image search. Love Shanghai assistant is based on the mobile terminal, regardless, let us feel the war between the search engine is not intense. But when these new products appear, let us pay attention to not only the product itself, but to think more about why these products will be introduced, and the future of our influence.

users will be more personalized

our attention in the information on the Internet seems to be more correlated with the content of the text, such as news, shopping experience, micro-blog.

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