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Emily in this article mainly expresses the following key points:

author named Emily Liu in WeChat issued a public number "even if husband did not get 10 Fen of the shares, in my heart, he is still the best entrepreneurs", tells the story of her husband in a game company business for seven years, and can not get the shares by the company CEO requirements to cleanse the family. This matter has caused widespread discussion and discussion in the venture capital circle.

last night, the first venture capital circle spring was born to the shuabing.

Alexa, just a week, Ali mother visits from 5 million 100 thousand has reached the world’s 2323, and currently has nearly 10000 websites and individuals registered in it, they are allowed to purchase advertising.


in this regard, the tour investors innovative workshops to respond to entrepreneurs & I dark horse said, the article has a lot of content is also untrue and one-sided, and the founding team is communicating. "We’re still talking inside the team. Share allocation still has a few people, not only CEO, so when the time comes, still can disclose a bit more information."

editor | Wang Genwang

      click on the registered Ali mom; sell your website ad > > alimama

mom to describe yourself as "ideal is the online advertising market building an open, fair and honest, any website can be hung in the market to sell their own website advertising, can realize their value, even if only one day this site visits." Ali mother first introduces the concept of "advertising is commodity", advertising for the first time as the goods appear in the market, so that buyers and sellers can see clearly, so that buyers and sellers advertisers publisher easily find each other. The reason for creating this website is because it hopes to help small and medium websites and personal websites gain advertising value, while helping small and medium-sized enterprises to promote products. "Small and medium-sized websites are also an important part of the Internet world, creating 80% of China’s Internet traffic.". However, small and medium-sized websites now receive only 10% of the value of Internet advertising."

by entrepreneur & I; dark horse verification, Emily said the company is Beijing Zhan Cheng Technology Co. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "Exhibition Tour", the husband is before the technical personnel of the company Han Donghui Note: the spread of the Internet Party resume is CTO, CEO, Chen Yuxiang.

| horse brother

entrepreneur & I horse; interview requests, Emily said, the development of events is not under our control, "my husband said do not want to accept any interview, also do not want to expand the event propagation."

it is understood that the current Ali mother site opened to buy advertising, advertising, selling my Ali Mama, four community forum, including real estate, automobile, delicacy, communication, blog, website or even government organizations and many other advertising categories, allowing users to have advertising business. And ensure that more forms of advertising and payment will be available soon.

original title: Emily’s husband’s shares, let’s listen to a different voice

first, the author’s husband followed CEO entrepreneurship for many years, as a co-founder, has been holding a high salary, and later their company’s game earned some money, his husband points out one million bonus. But then take the money to buy a house, get married, the home has been stretched.

three, as a co-founder, he is as old as the directors of the company, the new company is completely reflected out of his presence, the new company is CEO a sole proprietorship, and the company’s business already from the old company transferred to the new company, and because he never signed before any partnership agreement, and the new company only the employment contract, so his situation is particularly passive.

any website and individual, can put a certain position of their website as an advertisement position, and then get Ali mother above to sell. Any advertisers see if, can go to the position above the mom buy buy, buy the fee paid to the seller directly through alipay. And Ali’s mother offers two modes, one is paid per click, the other is based on the length of the show, such as 1 yuan / week.

and this morning, entrepreneur & I dark horse visited the site tour. The company’s front desk said it did not understand the company’s structure and that the number of its employees was unclear. "About more than 100 people."". According to employees who call the executive director, "company >"

, however, as of press time, entrepreneur & I dark horse has not yet received the official reply tour tour.

Internet analysts, ants CEO wheat field believes that Ali’s mother is using the "Taobao" as station square free mode, is an advertising C2C, ahead of the traditional website including sh419 Alliance

two, in the company to get investment and have a certain flow, go to the company to talk about equity options, and the results of the CEO rejected him.

day before, in a piece of speculation, Ali mother website online, color elements, the website design style and the Alibaba, Taobao and other similar style, Ali mother’s slogan is "let the world is not difficult to sell advertising, Alibaba is almost" let the world is not difficult to do business "slogan replica in the forum administrator, claiming that he is the second, but also support the Ali Wangwang and Alipay tools, but the reporter contacted the Alibaba public relations group, said they will not be discussed in this topic.

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