No love Shanghai weight what we have to determine the site overall quality

some time ago, love Shanghai webmaster information published an article "the world without love and weight of Shanghai PageRank", the article tells us the love of Shanghai judge the value of a website is dynamic, composed of hundreds of kinds of strategies. Have to admire this love in Shanghai on the value of the site is quite rigorous scoring strategy. For the love of Shanghai search engine, it can determine, for us to stand for? How can we judge the value of a site


judged by the amount included in


snapshot by love?



before someone in the exchange links, will pay special attention to the situation of the other site, many people still think the site is not updated snapshot, the website of the other side is not good, can not get the favour of search engine, which leads to the website snapshot not update. This can recommend everybody to look like Shanghai official published an article called "some" love Shanghai snapshot problem, which was about some love Shanghai snapshot. The most telling love Shanghai snapshot will not affect the site ranking of a website that Lu Songsong’s blog. We search for Lou loose blog, we can see his website snapshot date, still in 2013, but still did not reduce? Site traffic, keywords ranking is still very good! I love Shanghai doesn’t mean that the quality of a web site.

in the exchange Links or competitor analysis, will see the external links to each other. A few years ago, the chain for the emperor has been a "default rules of Shanghai Longfeng personnel". So when everyone in the analysis of competitors, is more focused on the other site of the external links. The chain tools now love Shanghai is competitor analysis, but sometimes the date display is not complete, may not be able to query all each other outside the chain. Use the domain command is only a reference value. So, when we judge each other’s website, the chain is not enough to explain the quality of other site.

we really.

I know many webmaster can exchange Links with others, in exchange, will use third party tools to check some index website. For example, the web site is included, if we do not have third party tools query, a whole collection that we can only use the site command to query the other site, and this site is just for reference only, we can not see the real amount of each index, and we can only use third party tools query index of the website, such as webmaster tools. There is no love Shanghai weight, we only included the amount to determine the value of a website is not reliable? You know indexed pages, these pages do not represent so valuable, alone, the amount collected to judge a site quality, is not desirable! >

by external links?We used

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