Enterprise web content optimization strategy to combat

content page layout strategy

speaking of this content, may be a lot of people feel the same optimization. Of course, from the macro perspective, not what different. But from the details, in order to enhance the user experience, increase internal links, there are still some small places need to carefully consider.

analysis of the enterprise website optimization some details of investigation to you yesterday, the work done is the focus of the content of the construction of the. The enterprise website content in the website optimization is a relatively rigid, because the enterprise website itself is not much, in addition to the common problem of product information and technical articles, and basically no what to write, there is a dynamic enterprise. The content of the construction of how to proceed, we need to pay attention to some strategies.

in the text layout, can be in the bottom with a web of information publicity language, the enterprise website and the core keywords included in the core keywords as anchor text. The benefits of doing so is to enhance the user on the website of the impression, can also increase the site chain. For example: "professional air flowmeter production company www.***贵族宝贝 quality first credit first

is the first to talk about the sidebar, which can not only provide products (sidebar navigation products), can increase the selling products or products of the hot picture carousel, to attract users to click. Provide contact information at the end of May, you can add some sales contact phone number and QQ, convenient for the user to contact to buy. For a list of articles on the latest news and common problems can be placed on the side.


for professional articles must be made by the enterprises with a series of draft, or he regularly provide the content of the article and explain the theme of the article, and then by the Shanghai Longfeng personnel according to the optimization principle of modified double to meet the requirement of users and search engines. It must be explained to the enterprise users, content from the network should not copy directly, according to the characteristics of enterprise products or selling wrote some articles, the purpose is to attract users. If the enterprise does not have relevant personnel to write, it can optimize the staff according to the key words to collect some relevant content of re integration, let the enterprise executives to review before release, there is no problem before it can be released.

The content of text editing strategy

for the optimization of personnel, Shanghai Longfeng work, and is a long-term work. Of course, we are not content to optimize the search engine, is to give users see. After all, the enterprise website products are more professional, what pseudo original is useless. These users there is a demand for the product, if the information provided is not accurate, the website user estimate was sentenced to death. Moreover, there are a number of professional personnel may also see station information, without good content, the site behind the enterprise credibility will be all gone. For example, the air flow meter yesterday this website, very professional, pseudo original content has much value

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