Analysis of Shanghai K station stationmaster afraid some of the reasons

2, banned the station optimization over

forum group, love Shanghai clicks I believe everyone is familiar with, and used the effect is very good, you can move the mouse to the home! This also led to many new owners think: Shanghai dragon just so so, it is better to use two clicks! I had a station, is to use clicks the ranking, but only in the home for a week, then it was in love with altitude hair, up to now have not been restored! And the forum message software is brought to the site can be "outside the chain of countless", increase the weight of the website and ranking! Worry about often outside the chain of Shanghai dragon er a big problem! But the effect of the ranking is only temporary, and not long! The intrinsic meaning: you know, I will not explain

station! !

website title and page is often the key part of the webmaster optimization, because the weight of the two places the highest! So many webmaster in the title, description and website home page layout a large number of keywords, in order to increase keyword density and emphasize the theme of the site. This approach is actually love Shanghai as a means of cheating you think. Some owners may ask: arrangement of keywords is cheating? I can tell you: is not cheating, but there is a premise: in accordance with the user logic and user experience in case you can use keywords! That is to say, the key words you arranged without a little help the user needs to solve any of the user, but only to see the search engine, then drop right and K station is not far away from your


experienced a previous K station after the incident, most webmaster to love Shanghai natural ranking doubt: whether the Shanghai dragon in the website optimization to the first page? In fact, we can look at this issue from the following aspects:

4, the correct understanding of Shanghai Longfeng meaning, what if K

3, from "Shanghai dragon ranking tool"

we need to understand a situation: no matter what the search engine, it is the purpose of service users search! And we do the purpose is to let us through the website to maximize the value of user search! Search engine will help to solve, users can give good rankings with the needs of the user site in order to keep the search users, and our website will need to provide high-quality website resources for the search engine, and then through the website ranking to search the content that search engine users! Keep the user, our website can also be the maximum price.


many people are keen on the black hat, why? The biggest reason is quick, can get good rankings in a very short period of time! But with love Shanghai anti cheating technology matures, the black hat to the website the effect is getting worse, even your site slightly with some black hat love is Shanghai detected, are likely to drop right or pull hair

1, abandon the black hat means

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