Let the webmaster to stop the congenitally deficient

is a website code standardization has a direct relationship to the weights given by the search engine. The computer is one of the fastest industry upgrading, as well as code language. Many of the previous HTML language have been eliminated. But many websites in the design, the designers may use, for the sake of convenience, directly reduce the website for.

URL is every Shanghai dragon er said rotten problem. Why are static, everyone knows that in order to better search engine included more easily. But not all of the static URL are easily included. Considering the factors of a good URL is not only whether a special symbol in URL, but also pay attention to the length of URL, URL and URL international standard depth. URL is shorter, easier to interpret the search engine; URL depth is low, the weight given by the search engine is also higher; URL international standard is mainly for Google search engine, such as your product page URL to PRODUCT news page with NEW etc..

most of the time because the site "congenitally deficient" caused by. The so-called congenital means, on the site after the completion of some conditions have been fixed, or something very troublesome later adjustment.





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when a site on the line, it has determined the domain name, very good enterprises will go after the change of the domain name on the line. The choice of the domain name is very important. Without conditions, the domain name is certainly shorter cornet, with com, CN, net as a suffix. But when you are a website optimization in fact, the choice of the domain name is not the same. For example, you need to do is site keywords, if your domain name is www.***贵族宝贝 then your website will have to lead one step than others. This effect is particularly evident in Google.

server has a main basis, one is the speed of a region is the key. Speed is every webmaster all know, is the speed of the open web site. But note that when the server speed test, should pay attention to use double test, and not just for Telecom or netcom. Keywords region is a very important factor. According to your search keywords users, or your keywords carried regional nouns to determine your choice of servers will have many unexpected results.


many owners often encounter the following problems: the keywords of their site rankings do not, since the discovery of contrast and then go to the row in the front page of the website data, their website whether it is included or the chain are better than the other, and the quality of the content is far better than the other; the chain and others. Their sites are also made. What causes the ranking couldn’t get on the

domain name

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