Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing debate Zac and nofollow on the national level

example: if you have a page PR value of 10 points, there are 10 links in the page. Nofollow before each link to 1 PR value. If you nofollow off one of the 5 links, do you think the rest of the 5 links each link could be assigned to 2 PR value, but in fact, each link is only to 1 pr.

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on nofollow, Zac and Ping teachers expressed their views, all two of them said a lot, Zac teachers believe that nofollow will waste PR and weight in the teacher think that nofollow will waste PR.

"So what happens when you have a page with" ten PageRank points "and ten outgoing links, and five of those links are nofollowed Let s leave aside?" the decay factor to focus on the core part of the question. Originally, the five links without nofollow would have flowed two points of PageRank each (in essence the, nofollowed links didn t count toward the denominator "when dividing PageRank by the outdegree of the page More than a). Year ago, changed how the PageRank flows baby aristocrat so that the five links without nofollow would flow one point of PageRank each.

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the two of them is based on that English Matt Cutts:

reasoning Matt Cutts, every nofollow links are wasting a certain proportion of PR. If your blog has 100 links, 10 links you to this site, the 90 is your nof>

According to the original

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