Site traffic only open source matter accumulation head futile

I think the accumulation of web traffic is composed of two parts, one part is based on the function, one part is based on the content. Based on the function is that your website itself has no social attributes, this is a social time, such as your site has the comment function, so you can interact with the user and, like the general Shanghai dragon blog has this function. Users can interact and bloggers, also can through the comments to the bloggers questions, if bloggers see again, so the next time you will take the initiative to his blog to see him back to you, so the second to bloggers as users become friends, as long as you publish an article user will be with you interact, directional flow accumulation flow is so come. The accumulation of a users a day, a year can accumulate many.



we can guide the user to add the QQ group in the website, then once users join the QQ group, we can communicate with the user, to become friends. If the user does not add the QQ group for a long time people may forget, but if you add the QQ group inside the interaction is completely different. We can put the site through the method of communication run thin silent in the user’s mind, said QQ had provided a tool that is the mail, QQ information people may not see, email if people would at least glance. A site traffic to get accumulated must have accumulated.

if we combined with interactive micro-blog, now many sites are embedded in micro-blog. Published content will be synchronized to micro-blog, if we follow the previous situation and that users become friends. If he feels the content is good, it will be broadcast by micro-blog in the form of our content will radiate to its fans, if there is a 10 bit 100 forward, above their audience of 1000 people, so our content in the pursuit of the audience will be large. This will become the spread of star, said our flow accumulation is based on the function, it is a tool we have to say, that is the QQ group.

site traffic promotion is the most important thing to do every network marketing people do every day, but when it comes to flow to improve everyone will think of the source, how to get more keywords ranking. How many different ways of promotion, in order to increase website traffic, which is an open source, open source to improve site traffic is a must, but we just thought the first step. Without thinking about the second step, that is a website needs to make traffic flow accumulation increased steadily. Otherwise you will be the case, today you to promote your website, traffic rose 200IP, but tomorrow you don’t go to the promotion, flow back to the original time, this is not the flow accumulation. Do network marketing will only continue to walk at the origin, is getting tired, we have to do is to accumulate things, the only way to make the flow increase steadily.

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