Can bring traffic to your love except Shanghai and Google

line also mentioned the Shanghai love slow shot three, sometimes really very anxious. You love or not worry, Shanghai has always been there, slowly. Fortunately, the author is not impatient, or parents may not see this article, a joke. To the above, we can see from the chart the included 2:14500 gap, the gap is 7250 times, scary numbers. Click on the chain we can see that the 140 chain are high in quality, and is not equivalent to the garbage outside the chain. Can also see the chain of Google is 24, a lot of people know that the chain of Google is the chain will be displayed high weight. So it will reflect the value of

is two different companies, so the algorithm is different. When we search for love in Shanghai (taobao贵族宝贝 ladies summer new skirt) is to find the Grand Strand of this site, because not included. In Shanghai we love under test in the Google home page third, a query by love Shanghai index, the key period of the index of 770 is clearly a relatively large flow of words. The word do go up, most of the third party in Shanghai will show a 3 weight of love. It is obvious that Google our advantage will be great, I do not know why. The details of the site can only be said to do more for Google



love Shanghai and Google included



a lot of people know that love Shanghai has been slow take three, so we still insist on, from the picture we can see that love Shanghai grab traces. This picture is only two pictures together, the proportion of 5:1 from the 200 return information, Google grabbed 5 pages, and only love Shanghai grabbed a page. There is a middle episode SOSO. Because many computer screen is too small to show you the.

2010 from Google China market, now love Shanghai only two years have passed. Perhaps this article let people see that I am writing history, in fact, the focus is on the sea between Google and love choice, the author and his friend Liu Yufan Chen Lisi and others founded the Grand Strand of this site, because the author and others have been groping love Shanghai search engine optimization progress, so they will understand some aspects of this knowledge, so that the site can be more attuned to love Shanghai reptile, but it did not. From the website submitted to love Shanghai so far, Shanghai has been repeated the same thing of love, and then crawl to deleted, has been repeated. However, Google instead, just more than a month has grabbed 14 thousand pages. Many people say, love Shanghai recently has been adjusted, and some people say that Google has been so grab.


of the 140 chain

loves Shanghai and Google grab

love Shanghai and Google ranking

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