Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis website ranking drop is outside the chain

second, after careful inquiry, the chain customers are YISHION released in the form of text, but a few are not included, basically not pure text outside the chain can transfer the weight, drainage and the role of brand promotion, so from this point of view is not the chain caused by the change in rank. Customer’s mood slowly relaxed some, but do not understand the specific reasons.

I checked the website keyword search results, found one keyword search results love Shanghai snapshot time is more than 20 days ago, and now SITE is described and the result is not the same, the old snapshot is " XXX company dedicated service "construction sites in Beijing, a new snapshot is:" XXX company focused APP development. The WeChat business website ", the words are different, but the meaning was changed.

I think the website ranking changes a little big, looks like a little is right down the feeling, but also love Shanghai update the chain of time will not be in effect for a week, anyway, certainly and last week the chain is Never mind. I let the customer before a month had no change what what is denied. That’s very strange, the difficulty is the reason to love Shanghai, love Shanghai if the adjustment update wouldn’t be such a big change.

customer consultation is very depressed, not now not to send the chain, the number is outside the chain of. After I read the website, everything is normal. But I am sure that this is definitely not the hair of the chain caused by the change in rank, because the customer has been done in Shanghai Longfeng, just a little change in ranking was too large. So Those closely involved cannot see clearly. from the following aspects, the author explained to the customer, to resolve his own doubts.

customers themselves after seeing to think of it, before the company’s business development, from the simple website construction and development to the development of APP, so the changes described. So the reason is very clear. You can modify keywords, don’t change the theme of the site. At the same time to ensure the regular updates, before long, the ranking will slowly recover. It has been done, the customer concerns completely disappeared.

first, if the 20 chain can put the website ranking out in a week, so do Shanghai dragon will become simple, I say, if you think the chain is caused by changes in the ranking, then you don’t need to do the next optimization, every day outside the chain to your competitors, a a week after his ranking dropped, then you can play off. After listening to the customer see light suddenly.

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recently received a diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon Consulting list, website has a good ranking, update three original articles every week, there have been six months have done the chain, last week to arrange the chain Commissioner sent more than 20 outside the chain, from the end of the world to the Sohu Sina blog, now ranking dropped three, there is a 10 page keyword outside.

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