Site optimization road Wenzhongqiusheng is king

love Shanghai foreign chain against the requirements of the construction of the chain increased, now more and more high, the chain resources have become less and less. The construction of the chain is not in quantity, quality is high and stable, the chain is made of natural growth. I do the chain construction lottery software development site, not a massive increase in the chain, the chain is in the pursuit of building a stable, natural. Although I hand the chain resources, but the quality is the best. My general arrangement is 2 to 3 of the chain every day. The release of the chain must be natural and reasonable, high quality.


1, website content update

11 the effect will be good. I won the lottery software website a week update in 5, I was a Monday Wednesday Update 2 articles, update 1 articles, 2 articles update Friday. Update number of concrete and how to update, free to decide.

keep the content of the website, the chain construction is the key, then the site space stability is the basis of the host. The foundation did not play well, will become the cause of failure. It can be said that the website of the host space stability is the cornerstone of website optimization, so that the host site space stability is essential for the website optimization. If I do the lottery software development site, when a spider to grab my web content, but because the host website space is not stable, not causing spider visit my website, so many times, the spider will make for this site does not exist or are not of good quality, and is hard to let the spider to grab the. Spiders don’t grab, the site is not included, rankings, traffic is empty.

2, the construction site outside the chain of stable, natural

website update can ensure that a change in the lottery software development of my website, spider love grab something new, so you can attract the spider crawling our website frequently. Stable content updates, visit our site spider frequency will become more and more frequent and stable over the long term, to develop a good habit, so do not worry about spiders don’t crawling our website.


3, website space host

website article how to stabilize the update, the lottery software development of my website is by week to arrange, not necessarily stable website updates are updated every day. But I have to do the lottery software development website content update experience, the update time must. If you are the morning update, then the update to update at this point. In general the update time point to

> at 9 in the morning

website optimization of the Road King Wenzhongqiusheng, how firm, how to win, people understand, but how to achieve, you must be confused. Factor of instability is mainly manifested in: website content update less time, increase the site outside the chain is not stable, the increase is too much the chain that would be considered cheating. Here’s to me to do the lottery software development site as an example, the stability analysis of the website how to keep.

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