The enterprise website optimization ideas worth Shanghai dragon Er reference

we know that enterprise website optimization is the optimization of Shanghai dragon can not be ignored in force, as the enterprise website competition, optimization is more difficult than the person standing to the more difficult, as a corporate website owners, we have the skills not only stay in the set with the template site that the lower level, most of the time the enterprise website in all aspects of the details need attention and the webmaster, has been engaged in enterprise website operation optimization work, deeply know enterprise website may be a webmaster is a housekeeper & quot; ", many websites need skilled use of technology, enterprise website optimization ideas about how we should do? Well, the author carefully described below.

third, for some enterprise site to increase the original information. Any enterprise all the time a lot of things will happen, update the enterprise web site is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er pain point, most of the time we update the content less because the product has been around the product, may write.

second, the site structure and layout must be reasonable and clear. As the technology change rapidly, the moment I found that many enterprise site optimization site still use the original form (table) for the site layout, we know a lot of time in order to achieve the layout table to increase many meaningless cells, to pave the way for the layout, this is in fact itself without any text, only in order to produce a lot of invalid layout in the code, here I recommend the best site to meet the requirements of W3C production, the use of DIV+CSS for page layout design, title and meta to control the number of words in 15 words or more, preferably the station generates static html. website, standardization, concise, easy to search engine spiders crawl, after all generate static, users read open the speed will be improved. The static page is not need to be processed by the server, the direct request sent, structural adjustment is also need to pay attention to the key.

first, must be "code " weight ". The author found that in doing the optimization process, many enterprises have been very focused on the features of the website, actually the website is a platform information publishing and product display, general web based publishing information, modify information, modify, delete the columns to add these the basic function is enough, but I found a lot of enterprises" boss think the more the better function, effect better, we must know a lot of things often not have special effects, especially for search engines such as jQuery JS, excessive rolling effect, a slide show, and some use these gorgeous plug-ins to achieve display effects. The website will cause redundant code to produce a large number of spiders can not read, these redundant code directly affect the spider crawling And crawling efficiency, if you really hope that through the Shanghai dragon brings the accurate flow for the enterprise, in order to enhance the effect of the Shanghai dragon still considered "volume! Try not to use too many of these gorgeous plugins.

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