Some good habits of outstanding Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

if you touch Shanghai Longfeng, know Shanghai Longfeng are some daily, regular work. So I want to become a good Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, we need to cultivate a good habit of. In Shanghai dragon field, good habits can cultivate one’s critical thinking, and broaden their horizons.

did Shanghai dragon for a period of time, many people thought would be fixed, to adhere to the daily Shanghai dragon. That is how much the Shanghai dragon hair every day, how much the chain, to explore new ways.

good habits four: the website optimization process, we should be good at innovation.

Shanghai dragon is a row >

good habits three: the website optimization process, we should be good at thinking.

what is a good habit? Let me share with you the following points.

As we all know,

love Shanghai algorithm from time to time will be a small update or adjustment. We should form the good habit of thinking. This does not mean too much to crush the algorithm. But we went to the analysis of the principle of the algorithm, know the high-voltage wire and the degree of optimization can be. The principle of the search engine to tell us, as long as we have a normal and reasonable, optimize the site rules, then we can achieve good effect, no need to deliberately try to figure out the nature of search engine.

do what direction is very important. So we in the optimization process to develop a good habit of attention, grasp their own direction, in the optimization process of a lot of people are blind pursuit of large, wide, anxious, eager to expand the site, to send the chain, column wide spread etc..

innovation is productivity in Shanghai dragon industry, innovation is the key to win.

good habits: Website Optimization and customer communication process.

as a Shanghai dragon, in the early and late keyword analysis, keyword tracking process, not behind closed doors. To keep a good habit to communicate with customers. Many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do not love their customers to participate in the optimization process, there may be three of the following conditions. One is afraid of customers feel that they are not professional, two are worried about their professional knowledge outflow, the three is worried that customers thinking would be thinking of his own disturb.

We all know that

because we just do Shanghai dragon, we do not specifically a product, so our understanding of the product, and the product market customers feel that there is no clear. So here is advocated to allow customers to participate in the process of optimization, the optimization process is to ensure smooth and professional.

optimization is a process, since it is a process requires time, the cumulative. We should believe that every day the calm, the hair of the chain. One day can be successful.


good habits two: the process of Web site optimization should always grasp the direction.

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