Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon advice to Shanghai after the education of our Dragon


now many webmaster spread some of the so-called Shanghai dragon cheats, cheats is not to teach you how to provide better service users, but through the algorithm of vulnerability to a short time to keywords ranking, although many such methods can achieve a certain effect, but these effects are often those keywords to row up the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, unsustainable in the good position, as long as the algorithm update, ranking No. I have to give one or two common cases:

scrolling text using

this method is unable to distinguish the current search engine. There are so many webmasters will do Links in this way, a part of the site Links by rolling form. The purpose of this approach is to do a lot of Links, but is unable to compute the weights for search engines. Because the filling effect of rolling 3 times to achieve the above content, a small area can accommodate more than 3 times, so we imagine how long the web page code? Scrolling text is the most important is not conducive to the user experience, when the user has second time can not see very difficult the first time he needed to find the contents of the.


Before the

the official release of the "love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" gave us a lesson, but also our Shanghai dragon er new a journey. Love Shanghai this update is designed to better improve the user experience and prevent the webmaster friends cheating. The search engine algorithm change constantly, to a large extent is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er spare no effort to study algorithm vulnerabilities caused by, because the spider is a program, there are always loopholes in the program. Everyone wants to take a shortcut, but not everyone can go.

Sohu micro-blog quickly ranked

above two is the latest search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, but this update gradually disappeared, but the scrolling text is now in a very controversial stage, but getting a correct position in the search engine algorithm in the near future effect. In many practical, down-to-earth to do Shanghai Longfeng, provide better service for users, although the use of loopholes.

love Shanghai algorithm is not updated, we will see many long tail keywords are a Sohu the shadow of micro-blog, but micro-blog is also Sina has no such "special effects"? Because Sohu micro-blog has used a leak in the algorithm of search engine on the love of Shanghai, some long tail keywords can be ranked in love Shanghai home. At that time we are quite surprised Shanghai Longfeng algorithm, so have to register in the Sohu micro-blog and do a lot of long tail keywords ranking, but good is not long. The first is the Google PR update, then love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, so many Shanghai dragon Er thing. With this black chain was popular at the time, the hidden links, the popular search engine will cause the ban.

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