Do not network marketing experience of the One principle runs through it all

when engaged in network marketing we can see many of the so-called "success stories" everywhere, but at this point we must think about, it is just a particular case, and not just in this way, you can be successful, this is the wrong idea, remember to follow the pace of the mass of people destined to is to be eliminated. Cyber knight is that we use in the marketing process of a tool, a display platform, everyone has the hands and feet, so how do we shine on this platform? So I want to say is that we must be pragmatic, sincere, this is the most basic, is also the most difficult to do and give people a good impression, and then began to transform, in the purpose of marketing is in reality often saying "be friends first after work".

with the development of the Internet age, network marketing from the start of the cold to the hot market, the author is engaged in the network marketing industry for many years, from the beginning of the free from knowing to now is full of experience, which also experienced many setbacks and failures, is now considered a success. So today I will for their own summary of some of these years of experience, to share with you, you want to engage in network marketing or ready to enter the industry friends help


for the differentiation of this one, I think it is a very trivial things, it is not realistic than sign, looked attractive came in, but also signs.

in the network marketing and almost no one can do everything, so this time we should how to do this? We generally adopt user feedback means to carry out continuous improvement, to achieve market and customer recognition. When it comes to the preparatory work, I want to say is to do at any time to prepare, "when we started after all do not know what is the market reaction, we do not know how to face this time, so do network marketing this fast strain ability is very important, but in this industry there are many people ignore the problem, but like the user why, this is the most tragic, even if the customers think, and you do not think it can only prove that you think enough, not deep enough, so that you are destined to be eliminated.

in the network initial investment amount is often better than reality shop input to the small number, but no store that has a direct effect, so if we want to in the market will have immediate reaction, the initial investment cost is much higher, and sometimes may have to invest more than the real store, so I suggest that you must do a good job in the early start of the preparatory work, but also to their own future to set a proper plan and stick to the general One principle runs through it all., then I suggest that you can use the business market slowly scored half half way to sell, not to not fully prepared before the unscrupulous the negative publicity, often it makes the market, so we must pay attention to.

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