Analysis of the influence of Title station in Shanghai brought about by the length of the dragon’s p

title on the target user search word correlation determines the page display number, thus affecting the overall flow of the site.

site Shanghai dragon perspective Title length would influence on the site optimization we have? The answer to this question is very positive. But specific to the long or short, some people may have little knowledge of. According to the TF-IDF algorithm and HillTop algorithm, title is not too long for the site of the Shanghai dragon but advantageous; analysis of flow from the long tail angle, title will need to contain some of our common target user search words. Of course, we also need to analyze from different industries, can not be generalized.

if we put our title length increases, the correlation is specific keywords in our title was reduced, and at the same time between other keywords has been. This should not understand? Is simply "Google Shanghai dragon" only love optimization technology in Shanghai, "Google Shanghai Dragon Technology _ learning", should have the technology, and has certain relation with Google Shanghai dragon training. In fact when we go to search keywords heat low, can be found in this law. We have time to test.

title is a very important factor in our ranking keywords competition;

search engine is the core to provide web content most relevant to the user. Title is a web content enrichment associated directly with the site "relevance". This may explain why all of today’s search engines on the title of reason is very important, the weight of title to have been high. From our common sense, if the title of the site is "Google Shanghai dragon", in the user search "Google Shanghai dragon", than title is "Google Shanghai dragon _ Bing Shanghai dragon _ search engine optimization -XXXX foreign trade company Shanghai dragon" that title has more relevance. From the perspective of the user, the user is looking for Google Shanghai dragon, instead will be Shanghai dragon, from the title, we can see that although the title also contains Google Shanghai dragon, but its weight is given by the former has no more.

third reasons because it is not the subject of this article, the author put aside without saying. But two days ago if you carefully analyze it, you might feel the same with the author of these two viewpoints have a contradictory feeling. Why?

title is one of the most important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, after taking over a project, whether you are a novice or veteran, will take title as the optimization object of priority. The main reasons are the following three points:

title is for CTR (CTR) has a great influence on the level of.

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