Query tool love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain officially opened

outside the chain of tools feature highlights:

The second

the first time for love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools to use and sharing the experience of the use of experience with you as follows:


charts for three queries module respectively: link to your website’s domain, link pages and links.

2, provide more detailed information outside the chain, can display the most links to the primary domain of TOP2000 information.

has been on the Shanghai Phoenix webmaster, the chain query is a headache. A chain of the commonly used query method with love domain, love Shanghai station query, but not a specific and accurate tool to provide reference to our chain. December 5th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially opened the official chain chain query query tool, many webmaster long-awaited finally have a more useful tool. This feature highlights and we work together to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools.


1, open the whole network query chain.


at the beginning of December, Shanghai announced the love Webmaster Platform chain tool released beta qualifications, the chain upgrade tool during the beta testing in Zac, Mou Changqing, IT invited cafe, 28 push, push, bloghuman Shanghai Longfeng experts and media to participate in the beta, Zac and the majority of online users put forward many valuable suggestions in after considering these precious suggestions foreign chain tools for optimization and upgrading, and in December 5th for all sites are open.



chain tool interface adopts the curve chart, webmaster can see clearly the relationship between the chain and the site of the time from the chart, the effect is more convenient to monitor the site outside the chain optimization.

The first

increase curve site outside the chain, check the site outside the chain is more clear.

module for third link name. The main function of query keywords and the number of website links, through different keyword link number > us

3, support chain name query.

module displays all the links to the site of the current query a list of URLs, and with links and links page number. Click the domain name to view all contain links with web information and link key, convenient and humanized. The list of links in the URL and page to do a check, found a small number of links page has expired, that the chain tool update frequency is not very high, I believe that after getting better.

module is used to check all the pages of the web site is the number of external links. This module can be a very good view of the station is of high quality. The station quality content will be more users to share and reproduced, so through this module, we can do their own website quality.

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