The construction site outside the chain should be one step ahead


study by rival


Every kind of The chain construction site of

chain construction to maximize the benefits of

website let us dazzle, a website for which we do the chain is self-evident, and our website similar website is undoubtedly the best choice. For example, we have to do is computer knowledge of the site, we can find that Q & a platform about computer knowledge to answer the question, "with a view to maximize the interests of" we find those little answer to answer, appropriate to leave your site address for a long time, maybe you can accumulate a certain degree of user oriented the. Figure

chain including plain text chain and the anchor text of the chain, the anchor text of the chain effect is better than pure text outside the chain, but the problem is that many of the sites are not made with pure text, not to mention the anchor text, in fact, not all sites yigunzidasi. When the forum should also pay attention to a degree, frequently, was released outside the chain is certainly not desirable. We are in no time as much as possible to their own hidden links, the more the better post words. The anchor text can change the font color, the color consistency, so it is difficult to be found.

every day looking at their website is always on competitors in the ass, the heart is not the taste, most of the owners would like to have a "maniang" impulse, "why my website is always on his back, my chain is not less than him." So, this post on the A5 forum I see too much, instead of wasting time here, as of your opponent, he is how to do outside the chain, the specific method of domain: competitors website, see where people do, then combined with the above two points, patience to do this he is more than a matter of.

said in a forum to do outside the chain effect more and more bad, I beg to differ by saying that I think, because too many people do, interests would be scattered more, you get less natural. Whether it is to do the construction of the chain in other portal sites in the forums or posts, we should find those replies less to reply in reply post, because the site is in front, the better the effect. Figure

The construction of the chain can be opportunistic

is the webmaster feel the most boring things, all shuttle in the blog, forum, quiz platform every day, the chain of hair is indeed a lot, but every time the search engine in the update when they found the effects really make people vulnerable. The author believes that the construction of the chain is a kind of knowledge, but also a skill, I put a few tips to share their knowledge of research.


chain construction doing


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