Wangzhuan newcomers how to prevent being cheatedAli is mom really that bad

2. must pay attention to the items to be paid. For example, how much can you pay for a powerful online platform, how many benefits you can use, and then motivate you to introduce more people to pay for it. For example, the former SOHO station, the wisdom of XX, these can be said to be disguised pyramid schemes. Better not join. Because even if earned, but also conscience. Because you earn money by deceiving others.

2, there is no reasonable pricing mechanism for advertising, the price is uneven, it is too uncoordinated,

1. can earn high wages as soon as it is joined, and projects with high incomes are unreliable. For example: that is just beginning to do more than a few thousand wages, certainly is a liar, first put it away. There is no free lunch, even if the site recommended "Wangzhuan", if you can’t stand according to the requirements of the practice, is also unable to obtain satisfactory income.

Ali mother like a no plan to control completely rely on the market this "invisible hand" manipulation of the free market, the 9503 sites 14542 advertising price as the pricing by advertising the sellers themselves, and Ali mother didn’t have a reasonable pricing mechanism, many sellers do not know this give yourself the advertising how price is reasonable, so the emergence of advertising pricing is unreasonable phenomenon. Some advertising by self give yourself a few cents and a few dollars, advertising even sold what difference and free? Objectively and also disrupt the advertising market, is really a dog in the manger; and some websites have just established a few days every day, independent IP less than ten, but have no shame to set their own 10 thousand / week, this is really the advertisers are fool!

of course, each station has his attraction, is Ali mother is the same, in fact, Ali mother there are still a lot of good site advertising, ha, the brothers look to find a good flow of advertising to

Ali mother!

recently on the Internet also saw many webmaster friends say mom not bad! I can see myself, in my own mom saw their advertising done, following the analysis of several cases of

6. reference Wangzhuan forum recommended by the project. In this way, we can avoid detours. That’s all for now. I’ll have the time to sort out

3. home page is rough, looks very poor level of the project, do not pay attention to it. Think of a successful, stable company. Will he do business in an apartment that is not decorated?


4. search engines in most of that is a liar Wangzhuan not to do. In a search engine to search, if the Ministry said that more than 90% stations is a liar, liar. This site cannot do. Of course does not rule out malicious exclusion news times NEWSBAR was once the post replies are almost scolding the landlord post. This depends on your ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

If you have a

5. Wangzhuan tempted or you start to believe it, please go to the sh419 search, for example, before the popular 8 interest Tong Bao, you search: 8 + fun Tongbao liar, no "there are a lot of people tell you it is a liar, liar.

1, heavy quantity, not quality, innumerable waste site

why above? This and Ali mother just birth, regardless of education, just got a market, but not just investment, guidance and supervision of the advertising market price and advertising seller. This situation does not improve, I really doubt whether advertisers dare to such advertising market to buy advertising, advertising sellers can really sell advertising?.

wandering in the Ali Mama, we can often find some people actually just in the Sina station for a blog, and the blog automatically sent the first article or Sina system of the article, only in second hung a Ali mother advertising code to sell advertising, but the price is not low. The world is really big, Nothing is too strange.

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