Detonated website page rank will learn strategies

Can be roughly divided into the product details page


enterprise website page, details page, page, page, join the case price page. When do the inside pages, first to determine the content of a direction. For example, the information page for details, such as product operation, product related matters, such as Wikipedia quiz. There are two factors: one is the inside pages of the article should have value, value is relative to the users. The two is the location of the link. For example, this article exposure is how much can cause the user’s attention. Based on these two points, do not operate strategies according to different pages, page to site within the stable rank.

product page content must have the basic attributes of products, such as price, specifications, pictures, these are to be introduced. If you want to allow the user to generate a transaction in the product page, so we should create a atmosphere of transformation. What do you mean? The user wants to buy your product, then you >


horizontal expansion

just like the problem of how to buy certain products, most of them are enumerated a lot of attention, so on this basis can make the existing brand on the market information to make a recommendation. In the hierarchy of needs, solve the problem of how the users to buy, then buy which brand of products.

page information can be defined as the flow of page, users will like to search using the method of certain product enter the website. If a price, or how to choose the search, this word is the word transformation. To optimize the information page, since it is to solve user problems, so how many will see this page to meet the needs of the. For example, how to buy certain products, so it is necessary to tell the user the basic function, and then compare the brand price, resolve user concerns for purchase. The difference from the content display, can use video to introduce text like approach to save browsing time and more convenient.

is a vertical expansion for the current demand, can use the display form to meet. For example, a lot of professional articles users may need some time to understand, then we can use the flow chart to explain or explain the legend. The dust before said content value added, if someone is in the form of text, we use the picture; if others only a map, we will do more picture. So for this traffic information page, we want to direct traffic into the page. Can not solve the information in the user’s requirements, and then let him go. This time, you can guide users to their product page.

if a problem for many websites has been very good to meet, this time their websites want to gain an advantage, we must make the difference, this difference can be considered from two aspects.

The first 1. page informationThis

, a

second vertical expansion product page

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