A reasonable set of anchor text to make your site weight strive for further improvement

to do the "Shanghai dragon tips", so I need the precise definition of key words, don’t mix some irrelevant words or phrases. This is like you published an article about Shanghai Longfeng soft, then you can get the anchor text at the end of the article: Shanghai dragon plus tips. Don’t write more tips: Shanghai dragon. This operation will be superfluous weight transfer is not conducive to the relevant keywords, we are in order to highlight the Shanghai dragon tips, if other related words will not disperse our weight.

generally speaking, we don’t get the anchor text is too long, the actual situation according to your keywords, keyword length and generally we will not be too long. Roughly speaking, the anchor text is a keyword, up to two or three, much like the effect of dispersed weight in the first mentioned will. Don’t have that kind of an anchor text contains all the keywords we site idea, when we do the anchor text keywords choice, not eyebrows beard grabbed the anchor text and finally engage in too long. Seize the key, will play the best anchor text.


chain construction we need to pay attention to the need for diversification. For example, if one of our products need to be certified, if you only have a certification, even if your certification authority, is not representative of your product. On the contrary, if we get more certification, that will be easier to get the trust of consumers. We are also in the anchor text, anchor text construction needs through different platforms to >


as the optimization personnel, said the popular point, the optimization of our work is around the site of the weight lifting. Every day we are active to do the construction of the chain is nothing more than to get the weight, to improve their own site in the search engine in low. The weight transfer is based on connection. In some forms of what is known as the link, the link anchor text is the best optimization effect is recognized. So how do we use anchor text links to make our weight strive for further improvement? I speak today use anchor text on how to better share their experiences at five.

, anchor text keywords set

each site has at least three or four words, these words if you want to have good rankings, you must put the anchor text to do apart. And when we do the anchor text that cannot just focus on a keyword, we should be the anchor text keywords diversification, to make our site weight had an overall improvement.

I like


three, the anchor text need diversity

four, the anchor text should be diversified


two, the length of the anchor text should control

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