Shanghai Longfeng optimization Customization three period four scheme

I really is deep, early in my * * * Basic is to layout of the words in a document, and then direct distribution, need to be amended later when did not know the corresponding words to me on which page, and with the increase of the number of pages, find out really more trouble. Here we propose that each keyword page, we recorded second points I mentioned in the document. The seemingly troublesome thing, but when you really need to do when modifying the content, you will find the convenience.

first, why did I choose at the beginning of this article will give you share my experience? The main purpose is to enhance I hope you Shanghai Longfeng er for the readability of this article through some of their own feelings. I remember a few days ago, with a few in Dongguan Shanghai dragon optimization of friends in the chat, they asked me if I had just received the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is not the first order will do without stopping the original soft finishing and release; I directly denied. In the early stage because I pay more attention to the optimization scheme for different industries, the design scheme of time are not the same. A regular and consistent with the setting optimization scheme of logic, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble in the process of optimization, today Xiaobian to share the experience, I hope to help you.

this is my suggestion is to set up a standard document, not only can the relevant keywords together, and the corresponding title of the long tail word born at a glance.

optimization scheme and not one step, I have seen a lot of peers when doing the optimization scheme, more is a scheme optimization includes several periods, and the ideas are similar; which is slightly different optimization efforts. To do so, once the process of optimization problems, it can be said that the entire program had big changes or even invalid. So small in here to share in different periods corresponding to the optimization process planning mode.

4, inside and outside the link set

Shanghai dragon or a commonplace talk of an old scholar

Website Optimization: early prophase plan mainly refers to the construction of the station or have new user groups, mainly related to the content of the

2, the choice of keywords (root root keyword related words, keywords, long tail word extension)

1, web design and template selection

environmental protection industry (mainly green, white as the theme template)

for different industries, you need from the industry perspective to analyze the choice of what kind of colors, themes, plugins and so on to enhance the user experience. For example:

three times, four

beverage industry (color template strong and irregular pattern)

3, the layout of the keywords (home page, directory page, label etc.)


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