A grass root webmaster for the prediction of the search engine algorithm update



An improved

if you are a business website, there must be awareness of copyright, when the algorithm updates, you can complain about competitors, of course you have to release time and business license to prove their copyright.


we love Shanghai and Google to show the way is not the same. Shanghai love to show the way: the title description. Google display mode: the title – URL – description. This is why? Because of Google’s Web site can be clicked. Love can not be in Shanghai for example: search for the London Olympics second page

we see a change, we can search a keyword such as "Fang Shanghai dragon"


we see Google sometimes is called breadcrumb navigation. But you have to click on. Many of the above Google web site is breadcrumbs. In fact, love Shanghai is doing nothing but just in Shanghai love their products were improved (Mini navigation). The reason for this is because the automatic generation of many large web site, users do not understand, do not know the path to express what? Sometimes URL is valuable for the user’s choice. Just breadcrumbs users can understand the content of the website, whether you need the.

algorithm, copyright.

early in the Internet, the Internet content is relatively scarce, the search engine will put some portal line up, but with the Internet content continuously enriched, and increased the degree of competition, some independent sites slowly appeared in Shanghai, because love itself is a platform, he will not allow users to enter the platform through the platform.

three, single page and website platform may be eliminated.




many people reprint other people’s articles and no copyright in the bottom plus, this problem has become a common problem, the search engine must be improved, the problem of Google has started processing for download site is likely to spread to 50%, because the download site is infringement. We are depressed after A5 published an article, reprint other people did not specify the source of love, is expected to Shanghai will be 10 this year to December to improve the original algorithm of love Shanghai. If you do not pay attention to the website now copyright annotation at the end of this year, your web site might be affected, love Shanghai complaint center received copyright complaints more and more serious, improved love Shanghai will follow Google to develop a set of algorithms for copyright.

two, breadcrumbs call.

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