Lu Cong Shanghai dragon from theory to practice


said the chain do not go up, because he is not a normal station, is a gray area. The basic anchor text for shielding the word, let a person very sad, so can think there is a general, there are always up to do ah, these are general, we can go to analyze his website, but also that share competitors is a must step in their effective development. Through the analysis of the competition site, they can find the direction and method of chain development. Of course, these are available.


well, not much nonsense, mainly is to write down some of the recent experience to share with you. Have been in.

do not remember how long didn’t sit down to write a blog. About Shanghai Longfeng, I really try to practice, to make theory and practice can be combined together. Only let me feel that is in accordance with the actual situation to make better use of the theory.

Optimization of

driven by the correlation

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is a website optimization, the mastery of the theory is certainly not closed. Especially after the customer’s business, you need to combine customer station to do optimization. Today is about the problems and some solutions to me.

I think this needless to say, we should all know how important it is to experience the relationship between users, but for the grey website, don’t care so much, but it is certain that with relevance to the development with the chain and chain construction is undoubtedly desirable. So this is also a can do.

provides the original address by a push Shanghai dragon moderator Lu Cong: 贵族宝贝lucong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/post-128.html

Look at the development of rival

snapshot is when I receive customer stay on the station, customer convenience and record, go to the dealer to buy the domain name domain name record, but they do not know the quality of the domain name. The domain name is done before SF has been punished search engine, good sad. I got to do after the revision, add the article system, the author believes that a no content support website is not much the quality of the website. The chain’s touch is fierce enough. Then add articles, after a few days the love Shanghai complaints centre, that was before I wrote "love Shanghai Complaint Center clever use of" like this. Then take the WWW domain name suddenly disappeared, is a thing, I reckon to see love Shanghai is not update will put out, because the site has just been done, on the web with WWW out. After today’s update and a small amount of the chain support, now the next snapshot.

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