How to analyze the factors affecting the webmaster page weight gain ranking

first is Google requirements for a page.

this year is over, I believe we all returned to their respective positions, began a new year of struggle, so today we speak of a thing, what is this thing? Is that how to analyze the factors affecting the webmaster page weight gain ranking. That is what the main page weight factors keywords ranking


in this area, early on a website is a little more, that is how he is a reasonable setting of a website, so this page should be consistent with what his condition he will compare to that page a high score or weight.

second is the love of Shanghai a page weight requirements or a quality requirements page.

will be a little bit to explain, I hope we can bring some harvest.


today is mainly to tell you: by analyzing the key elements of a page weight, so I am here it is from two aspects.

1. a specific page limit the number of links in reasonable, this is a more important effect on the page weight. The specific links within the page limit in reasonable amount, what is a reasonable number? The specific page link this link is what say? The so-called link actually simply import links page, the so-called page outbound links are divided into two a part of a page that links to other domain name, called the station is derived. Another is the link in the station, is pointing to the internal web site. These two add up to page outbound links, the outbound links to control in a reasonable range, if too many words, the search engine will score relatively low value to this page. This keyword ranking is not very good for you. It is said that the specific links within the page limit in a reasonable amount, in order to prevent the page links too much, resulting in the decline of the page weight. So what’s a reasonable method? I believe many people have this question, usually recommend home page links do not exceed 150. Because some people on the site, he believes that the first page of the weight is very high, so he let more pages appear on the home page, want to give the inside pages of higher weight, so he took home decorate a lot of links, do a lot of columns, do a lot of links. It is actually outbound links too much. This will affect the home page in the search engine page score, that is to say when the search engine to the home page of the score to give him a discount. If you put in a reasonable range, will give you 80 to 90 points, if your page links to more than 400 so he will give you this page a 60 or 70 points. It will affect the page a weight. If you want to participate in ranking page, or that you want your page weight is high, the >

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