How to share the experience of 3 and PR3 21 days before the target keywords

keep the original articles every day at least 2 articles, in the aspects of the number of natural to user creation site comparable, but wins in the high quality. In 21 days a total of 79 articles, 30 articles were published in the active Shanghai dragon WHY column, there are 18 articles published by Admin5, 6 papers have been published in Chinaz. The weight they bring is very considerable.

21 days has made such achievements, or very satisfied, after all two target keywords to second and third respectively. After some reflection is satisfied, in the first stage of the operation record, share to everyone:

original power makes me very strong feeling, in the past 21 days in. In addition to a day, only 10 forum the anchor text of the chain, and to submit the site directory (the "submit directory or a new station outside Shanghai Longfeng first step"), all the rest is the original article was reproduced and made after the submission of the chain and the related domain.

PR update to 3 is undoubtedly a surprise. This depends on the Google update in a timely manner, if it.

internal website optimization, Internet Binet page links inside pages to the home page is more important. In other words, the home page is a page of the chain don’t need a website, the chain of home only to cause excessive optimization, regardless of your article in copyright, or in the construction of the chain, we have to do the inside pages of the way. The fact that this way will not cause excessive optimization.

either inside or outside the station, maintain and optimize the natural way. Outside the station anchor text links must do two, a pointer to the page, a page; containing 2-3 itelinks general article, with the full name and anchor link mix mode. For the strong correlation between the links, take the anchor links, with 1-2 key words of the title, with the name all the way links.

two target keywords "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon" and "Lanzhou site construction", the former is mainly used in my original content and the construction of the chain of words; the latter is because increased after being pulled up ZhengZhan weight words. At the same time in the article I have mentioned: in the Meta information will be written in keywords I did not die, but let the search engine to match the content of the web site. This proved to be effective. The semantic search engine has made considerable progress in the past few years, we can have done to distinguish meaning according to the content of the website.

responsible for the company website, before publishing an article entitled "new 15 days how do love Shanghai’s home page and the article seconds" article, won unanimous praise. Today after work we see the PR update, some website PR a month to 4. Not by the webmaster tools to look at themselves responsible for website data – target keywords before 3, PR update to 3.

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