Through the web log understanding love Shanghai spiders recognition

, the whole point of this type for crawling, crawling to the railway station, or soon to be right down the site, which is 24 hours a day, every hour for you will love Shanghai spider crawling and crawling web page, basically the same number. This is one of the most common railway station, only to railway station will appear, the fear of love for Shanghai will not be included, and the snapshot is not updated. This is the love of Shanghai a study on your website, this kind of crawling is love Shanghai analysis of your home page content, the website is updated, how to update the content is substantial efforts, and so on, and also will climb some data on the back page analysis, and back to the path of the URL article, the arrangement of the spider the next climb from the target. Another is to think you love Shanghai station has been normal, or there is a problem for web site, such as the server is not stable, often unable to open the page, "there are violations of the law and so on, there will be a similar crawl mode, so you need to be careful, this way you crawl, station will probably be reduced right. Its performance for the date of the next day the home page is not updated snapshot or rollback to previous dates included stop, even serious will be deleted some pages included. Do you as a webmaster to check the website to see the problems and timely correction problem is not serious, is restored within two or three days.

three, explosive or climbing > gap

believe that we have a good understanding of the spider love Shanghai, webmasters are welcome spiders, but really understand the love of spiders in Shanghai had come, believe that everyone is very concerned about the topic, the editor according to the previous observation site running on a special to share, incorrect please.

two, that included crawling, somewhat similar to the Google spiders, each crawler clear division of labor, do everything in good order and well arranged. This way if crawling on your website log, then congratulations to you, your website has passed the review period, love Shanghai founding formally included your web page. Confirm that your web crawling included new items appear after the first spider crawling love Shanghai after the record is not give you must put out, then there are a lot of uncertain factors in Shanghai love, if love of spiders in Shanghai think it is necessary to carry out comparison, then love Shanghai spiders still need to make second time to crawl, crawling in content and the content of the index library compared the calculation and comparison of calculation, the contents of the article is fresh, and the content of index database is repeated, if you think this article is necessary included, the love of Shanghai will be the third time the spider crawling, creeping immediately after the release included page. If the weight of high site, Shanghai love won’t repeat such action, which is a direct pass, put out the first, then ranked the last operation, according to the operation results of a highly repetitive articles will slowly removed and the index library, which is why some of the sites included not in second days, which included rankings first, the next day will not see the trace, it is for this reason.


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