Pay attention to experience bearish the chain to do website optimization services

4, not long-term stable to maintain website ranking >

, which spawned a lot of strange Shanghai dragon industry chain, pan stations outside the chain, the chain group, such as the sale of links.

a, the original page content is low, low quality, lack of experience and function, ZhengZhan weight decreased;

B, the ranking thesaurus is on the decline, the overall ranking dropped, resulting in the search flow decreased;

3, easily lead to drop right: in general, the construction of the chain of rich and necessary is an effective means to retain the spiders, for the promotion of the site as a whole is very good included. But the construction of the chain is not the number is a good thing. The quality of the chain have better than the number of Shanghai dragon, the number of the chain and the accumulation of superstition chain means, not only a substantial increase in the amount of labor intensity and Shanghai dragon, also easy to trigger chain cheating or sending algorithm, lead to the site right down.

first, we say that what is the chain standard thought.

more than three points, easily lead to vicious spiral, reciprocal causation, to remind the majority of owners do not deep puzzle, unable to extricate themselves.

2, ignore the website content: a superstitious chain, causing the site content webmaster can’t concentrate on creating high quality, the overall quality of the page is not high, is reproduced or pseudo original low quality content, even through the massive chain attracted large quantities of spiders visit crawl, but was unable to reach the quality standard of database pages. If things go on like this will form the following consequences:

share a blog to micro-blog, the explosion of teacher buckle, chain standard thought hat. Purely objective from the debate, I also came to a critical chain based thinking, to bleach their entertainment, everyone.

chain standard thought:

Two days before the

1, ignore the site itself does not take into account the user experience as the site visitor’s practical experience and actual demand. The user viscosity is not high, not long-term accumulation of a large number of fixed users, website traffic flow fixed infrastructure is weak, the high volatility of the confidence of the website is not high.

based search engine algorithm, the chain to enhance the website weight function can not be underestimated, but with the algorithm to update and more close to reality, only the hair of the chain has been unable to meet the site optimization objective, after all, can not only improve the website optimization keywords ranked this item.

link building in the website optimization work in the proportion is the largest, which caused such a misunderstanding: Website Optimization Website Optimization = chain.

simple, chain based thinking is to link building (here mainly refers to the external links) as the only way and strategy of Shanghai dragon.

C, the page rate decreased, even create a lot of content outside the station entrance, the spider is sufficient, can effectively improve index quantity, flow rate and exposure rate fell sharply;

The harm of

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