See love Shanghai now through the A5 soft training optimization

In fact,

second, hard advertising price is low, the high cost of advertising and sales can not draw hook, invest a lot of money not to return, which makes many businesses no longer favor mandatory advertising.

third, marketing of less investment, quick effect, which is marketing by reason of the majority of small and medium enterprises favored.

now in addition to do the bidding can get good rankings, only the soft. As we all know, love is the best Shanghai marketing search results page position, many enterprises are trying to self.

first, because the electricity supplier media competition strength is too large, people are no longer concerned about hard advertising on television and newspapers, and along with the accumulation of these hard advertising, also let consumers have a psychological conflict to some extent such ads, hard advertising effect is greatly reduced.

in addition, the marketing of this piece for the love we are engaged in the search engine optimization of Shanghai people, but also can be said to be of great significance. A lot of contact love Shanghai SEO people know that some promotion now love Shanghai, love is like Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai library, such as Wikipedia, we want to love Shanghai through these products to marketing has become increasingly difficult, and then love Shanghai promotion way may become less, now in addition to PPC can besecured love Shanghai, love Shanghai, other website optimization promotion, ask encyclopedia promotion have been hit, a little bit of advertising will be deleted, love Shanghai know on the question and answer audit has become very strict, advertising for questions and answers is basically not submitted go. I believe that in the future Shanghai sex series of marketing can only choose PPC, but for customers too much, the high cost is also a problem. In short, when we have taken a fancy network promotion, network promotion to hit the market is becoming more and more difficult.

I just participated in the A5 ninth phase soft writing and marketing training, training is the main content of the soft writing skills and marketing skills. Yesterday the teacher introduces hadron in class, soft paper mainly include three categories, experience, news and sales methods, different types of soft writing vary, but in general, want to write high quality soft Wen, in addition to some of the necessary skills of writing, the trick is to keep. I think a lot of benefit. In addition to feel the teacher for hadron high perspicacity writing and soft soft marketing this one, I think A5’s soft training can be said to be the maximum to meet the current market demand.

as the Internet gradually spread, more and more people begin to concern the industry marketing, whether it is the enterprise website promotion, or various types of product promotion, we can see the figure of marketing. Now, can be said to become the most popular way currently marketing network marketing, why so popular? Wuhan yaoje Technology Co. Ltd. believes that there are three reasons:

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