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or Taobao love Shanghai, their development has experienced a process focus on the user experience to focus on user experience. Familiar with the site of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know before the Shanghai dragon optimization method is very popular on the chain, to the original, such as keyword stuffing "the cap" approach to website rankings do go up, this approach is to do the optimization of the ranking, without attention to the user experience. But this method still works? Obviously, these methods are gradually weakened, and even do not have the opposite effect. Because the search engine’s focus shifted to the user experience. If a website user experience is not good, even with the ranking, will soon fall. Similarly, Taobao search engine is the same, a lot of people are engaged in the industry Taobao popular "brush", "brush credit" this way, because before the Taobao is a "credit sales is king" era, as long as the volume is high enough, the credibility is high enough, the natural ranking on the go, if not the seller to pay attention to product quality and respect the rights and interests of consumers. But after finishing a few years and Taobao optimization, Taobao search engine is gradually improving, "brush" effect is gradually weakened, and even some sellers said, no more brush the flow, the role of reputation is almost negligible." Personalized search "is Taobao launched specifically for improving the user experience and measures.

noble baby, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking and Taobao ranked Shanghai dragon what are the same and different points of

First, the optimization objective as The core principle of

this is well understood, Google and Shanghai love >

second, as

optimizationWhether it is Google,

?The same

noble baby, love Shanghai and Taobao is the search engine, search engines rely on mass information, sort. Just love for Google and Shanghai people will be more extensive, and Taobao for the crowd is a need, in the online shopping of people. In fact, there are a lot of people do not understand the difference between these search engines, the name of some training institutions in the name of Taobao Shanghai dragon training, to teach students is to love Shanghai and Google Shanghai dragon, this is not scientific, and sometimes will get the opposite effect. Although we are all search engines, but they still have some of the same points and different points. Then,

whether it is Google, love Shanghai (collectively referred to as the "site") or Taobao optimization, the objective is to improve the ranking and transformation. Shanghai dragon, as the name suggests is the search engine optimization, this process is actually like in the search engine and love". Only the search engine in favor of the commodity (or site), the search engine will improve the commodity (website) ranking, and thus enhance the flow. Of course, ultimately only one objective, improve the conversion rate.

third, the search engine algorithm has been

website Shanghai dragon and Taobao Shanghai Dragon:

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