Those who love Shanghai for keywords

no matter what you don’t have sex for Shanghai you will lose a piece of the market, in this era is not you have any mistakes. And love Shanghai bidding is a certain regularity, and once you grasp this rule, there is no doubt that you are sure to earn money. Whether it is love or Shanghai auction website optimization or the general point is to lead to the traffic flow, these will come from you for the choice of keywords, so how to choose keywords will also be a key to do the bidding of Shanghai love. In the next period of time, I will discuss what love Shanghai for keywords with you.

is full of madness in this era, all is possible. Just before the CCTV and love of the battle of Shanghai, the two media war, CCTV is to occupy the moral high ground, Shanghai has to kill the potential bid. However, can not be questioned, in a single large auction today, love Shanghai has indeed become a weapon in network marketing. The so-called weapon, the right people to use, can make the website traffic burst point, the conversion rate increases, a monthly income of million. Not with the people there have been millions of waning burn, do not say, your heart hurt. There are many innocent young entrepreneurs, simply did not understand the love of Shanghai for what it is, is in muddleheaded, there has been money. I still should that sentence: no culture is terrible!


, a correct definition of classification, to avoid misunderstanding into the blind. In general, I would put the keywords into a few categories, the main products words, words, words, broad regional action words, words, words effect. I’m in a weight loss website as an example, a brief introduction of the classification. The so-called product word is the word about these products, such as L-carnitine is the product of the word. Regional word relatively service industry will appear more generally is a region, such as Beijing to lose weight. Search action words general conversion rate will be higher, such as buy to lose weight. Broad word matching is wide, advertising coverage is very wide, of course, is often the price is high, such as weight loss. The effect of general search words, probability of becoming the intention of the customer is very large, these people are very importance to the quality of the products, such as good slimming products. Search question words is also very easy to form, they desire for correct information is quite large, such as how to lose weight. In the network, what kind of wonderful people, of course will be all kinds of all kinds of search, because we need a comprehensive coverage of the various possible search conditions are calculated. Of course, in real life, there are also differences between different industries, many companies have products such as keyword classification according to the model.

love Shanghai bidding key parts to pay attention to a strategy, so you need to make a gold account, the so-called gold account is conditioning clearly that, you know, the same type are put together. In general, the choice of keywords for the website needs to grasp the four points.

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